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Ed Kohler 9/28/20 5:44 PM

Does Direct Mail Marketing Still Work?

Marketers are often surprised to learn that one of the top digital marketing gurus, Neil Patel, strongly endorses direct mail as the foundation upon which the other marketing channels are built. The endorsement from Patel comes from the fact that the numbers for direct mail can’t be ignored

  • 64% of people visited a website after receiving a direct mail CTA (Call To Action) directing them there.

  • 47% visited a store as the result of receiving direct mail offerings.

  • 79% of consumers prefer reading mail more than going online.

Why Direct Mail Works

The numbers can't be ignored

With digital campaigns like email, SEO, and PPC, there is always the competing “multi-screen” factor to distract customers from receiving your message.   

Only direct mail has a real-world and physical presence that ensures that your message is always “above the fold”. 

And, since mailboxes are checked daily, direct mail is the one marketing service that covers all demographics--regardless of the varying digital usage habits of the different age groups. 

As Neil Patel reminds us, traditional mail is far from being eclipsed by digital methods, even with young consumers:

“42% of those surveyed between the ages of 25 and 34 said they read mail immediately and often find it useful. And 92% of young people actually prefer direct mail when making a purchasing decision.” 

These are just the obvious advantages of direct mail. When data is added, direct mail turns into a hyper-targeted marketing powerhouse that converts. 

 Jet Mail customers have achieved response rates as high as 30% on mailings of just 2,500 hyper-targeted pieces. 

Hyper-Targeted Direct Mail With Data 

When Jet Mail database services and variable data printing capabilities are added to the direct mail formula, hyper-targeted mailing lists create the personalized experience that today’s consumers expect. 

78% of business professionals said personalized mailings are “either effective or very effective at reaching target audiences”. This is because personalized direct mailings cause response rates to soar and 90% of personalized mailings are opened.

Use cases for data-driven direct mail campaigns include:  

  • Building brand loyalty by welcoming new customers and recognizing milestones of long-term customers. 

  • Reinforcing email offers by reminding customers to take action.

  • Sending re-targeting and re-engagement postcards to customers who have stopped opening emails or haven’t purchased in a while.

  • Acknowledging customer birthdays and anniversaries with personalized special offers.

  • Follow-up mailings to complete a purchase after digital actions such as cart abandonment.

  • Customized special offers based on individual buying history for cross-selling and upselling.

Jet Mail for Modern Direct Mail  

The benefits of direct mail are easy to see, but adding a direct mail component to your integrated marketing strategy requires experience and technology. 

Things like delays in printing or fulfillment can ruin an otherwise perfectly planned direct mail campaign. Unfortunately, most mail houses and printers lack the end-to-end capabilities required to execute a flawless direct mail campaign, and using multiple vendors creates weak links in the integrated marketing supply chain. 

For example, a follow-up postcard isn’t effective if it goes out weeks after a digital action is taken by potential customers. Additionally, brand and message consistency may be hard to achieve when email, social media, website purchasing, and direct mailings aren’t coordinated.

This is why organizations across the country rely on Jet Mail as their single source for the fulfillment, printing, inventory management, and database services that are required for successful direct mail campaigns. 

Jet Mail’s team of expert consultants help execute every aspect of your direct mail campaign, from creating personalized materials using variable data printing to finishing, packing, labeling, and shipping your mailers. We also optimize your direct mail ROI with the best postal rates, discounts, and delivery options through our in-house postal office.

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