Expanding E-Commerce Fulfillment Operations in North America

Jason Robinson  |  November 1, 2013  |   Marketing Fulfillment,   Direct Mail,   Direct Marketing,   Distributed Sales Force,  

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From product brochures and promotional flyers to point-of-sale systems and store signage, Jet Mail can now produce, manage, and distribute marketing collateral to your key audiences around the world.Jet Mail Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Bonded Couriers, Inc. (IBC) and leading provider of direct marketing and fulfillment services, has announced several developments in an effort to become a one-stop shop for e-commerce and online fulfillment solutions. “E-fulfillment is one of our fastest growing services, and we are thrilled to bring more automation to that segment of the marketing supply chain,” says CEO Edward Kohler.

Located approximately 25 miles outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Jet Mail Services has provided print, mail, international shipping, data processing, fulfillment, and warehousing and distribution services for more than two decades. With over 65,000 s.f. of production and high bay storage space, its primary facility features an on-site U.S. Post Office substation, both digital and offset pressrooms, a data processing center, a full-service mail house, and fulfillment center. Since its early beginnings as a lettershop, Jet Mail has continually expanded its portfolio of services to complement its expertise in mail and postal logistics.

In response to a steady increase in demand, the company has recently invested in new technologies that provide online sellers and businesses with Custom Webstores & Shopping Carts, packed with:

bigstock-Check-mark-in-bold-brush-strok-19430477 Award-winning e-Commerce Features;
bigstock-Check-mark-in-bold-brush-strok-19430477 Customized, Easy-to-Use Web Portal
bigstock-Check-mark-in-bold-brush-strok-19430477 Advanced Inventory & Order Management;
bigstock-Check-mark-in-bold-brush-strok-19430477 Robust Financial Analytics & Reporting Tools; and
bigstock-Check-mark-in-bold-brush-strok-19430477 Advanced Digital Print-on-Demand Integration.


With expanded fulfillment capabilities, Jet Mail has also added digital print-on-demand and web-to-print (i.e. remote publishing or print e-commerce) to its portfolio of services. Through an online portal, Jet Mail can offer clients real-time access to its inventory and library of marketing resources. Among other activities, clients can also monitor the status of its orders, receive low-threshold reorder alerts, and use online tools to generate reports all from a single dashboard. Jet Mail Webstores automatically process orders through its warehouse inventory management system, so each order can be printed, packed, and shipped to the customer within one business day.

Jet Mail Webstores are a Streamlined System that Manages the Entire E-Commerce Process from Click to Ship!For companies with a distributed sales force, these webstores also function as a web-based marketing resource management portal, where clients can centrally manage all marketing materials and coordinate their order fulfillment and sales support programs. With web-to-print technology, the online portal acts as a streamlined system that enables users to order print deliverables that consistently comply with brand standards. From product brochures and promotional flyers to point-of-sale systems and store signage, Jet Mail can now produce, manage, and distribute marketing collateral to customers, sales teams, branch offices, retail outlets, dealers, distributors and other key audiences around the world.

From Thought to Distribution, We Offer End-to-End Fulfillment for our ClientsMore than simple order fulfillment processing, Jet Mail has fully integrated the entire e-commerce business, including online storefronts, merchant payment processing, marketing resource management, shipping, accounting systems, and promotional product fulfillment. Jet Mail’s e-commerce storefronts are flexible, configurable, and delivered using a Software-as-a-Service model, in which customers enjoy the benefits of robust e-commerce fulfillment platform through a convenient hosted service.

As a direct mail and lettershop services provider, we're the experts in mail & postal logistics!From humble beginnings as a direct mail and lettershop services provider, Jet Mail Services now offers a range of services spanning consumer-facing e-commerce, back-end order management, warehousing, and distribution. As the fulfillment division of IBC, Jet Mail leverages its own network of fulfillment centers throughout the United States, through which it coordinates orders with multiple carriers for domestic and international distribution. “End-to-end solutions are always easier from the client’s point of view,” says Kohler.

Simply stated, Jet Mail Webstores integrate directly to their fulfillment center, digital printers, direct mail services, and inventory management systems to reduce administration time, minimize errors, and shorten shipping times, which allow clients to focus on growing their business by removing the hassle out of e-commerce. End-to-end integration of supply chains from order processing to warehousing to delivery is more than a cost saver, it's a strategic advantage.

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