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How to Stay Ahead of Sudden Business Changes in 2021 - Jet Mail

Marketing Material Updates: How to Stay Ahead of Sudden Changes in 2021

In a perfect world, we could simply put our businesses on autopilot and relax. Stable market conditions wouldn’t change and the balance you’ve achieved keeping revenue streaming in would be as reliable tomorrow as it is today. However, 2020 has proven the importance of preparing for sudden market shifts that could affect business, making it more crucial for organizations to anticipate change. 

Marketers expect 2021 to have similar industry shifts and challenges that we saw in 2020, which are expected to impact businesses in all sectors at every level. The good news is that you’re being proactive by researching a better marketing fulfillment solution, so the Jet Mail team feels confident that your organization is taking the right steps to make 2021 a stronger year overall. 

To help businesses succeed, we prepared a guide of essential information and tips to keep your organization thriving after the new year.

Prepare Your Business for Success in 2021

Jet Mail has worked with various companies to help them overcome the pain points of 2020, so we want to share a typical business scenario we see that successful SMBs and enterprises at all levels make. We usually notice that it starts with pricing. 

Pricing your products and services correctly has kept profit margins right where you need them. You’ve established brand consistency, so brand awareness, market share, and response rates for direct mail, social media promotions, and email are hitting all the anticipated benchmarks to optimize the return on investment of your multi-channel ad spend. 

Your company has built a lucrative base of brand loyalty with sophisticated distributed marketing materials to your data-driven targeted customer base using every available marketing channel in your integrated marketing campaign. The organization's far-flung sales force covers all the bases with all the up-to-date print marketing collateral they need to keep the sales pipeline primed. The entire company team is then on the same page with compliance and pricing. Until eventually, it isn't running quite how you want it. 

Become Versatile and Resilient to Anticipate Change 

Last year highlighted how vital versatility and resilience are in changing market conditions in industries across the board globally.

It’s likely that 2021 brings on more challenges due to the pandemic or through politically driven legal changes that affect distribution and compliance, along with shifting global logistics. This is especially true for organizations operating in rapid business cycles such as the automotive sector or the pharmaceutical industry’s ultra-high-compliance environment where failure to comply is not an option. This is why it’s so important to make versatility and resilience a part of your marketing strategy in 2021, and why we’re highlighting the following ways your business can adapt quickly.

Update Pricing Changes On the Fly

All of Jet Mail's successful clients  know that we’re always working within a dynamic business environment. In the post-Covid era, change is not a matter of if but when

We take pride in our customers’ success. And that’s why we work closely with all of our clients to help them maneuver situations like sudden supply cost increases or when profit margins take a dive and the price of what you’re offering is no longer tenable. In both of those situations, our clients often ask us, “After I determine a new pricing structure, how do I efficiently update my marketing materials without disrupting business?” Here are a few things to consider around pricing.

Adapt Your Pricing and Stay on Top of Messaging 

Correct pricing and conveying the intended brand messaging are essential for maintaining market share and fostering growth in case your supply chains become disrupted, or the law of supply and demand suddenly increases the value of your inventory. 

Quick response can even put your organization ahead of the curve when competitor insolvencies that jumped by 26% in 2020 opened up new opportunities. On the other side of the coin, you’ll need to adapt to sudden price changes when inevitable business shutdowns expose the weak links in your otherwise reliable supply chain to ensure that pricing and profit margins are still actually viable under any new conditions. 

If you’re using a chain of independent vendors for marketing fulfillment to deploy and execute those new pricing strategies throughout your organization, the risk is even greater. 

That’s why our longtime Jet Mail clients rely on our end-to-end, one-stop-shop, Marketing Resource Center to weather the changing tides of the turbulent business world. For rapidly updated marketing collateral fulfillment, as well as vital in-house print business communications for the company workforce, Jet Mail (Just In Time (JIT) capability can’t be underestimated.

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Keep Marketing Materials Up-to-Date

Marketing materials make a crucial first impression on consumers that will eventually work them through the funnel to convert.

At a glance, they should always convey: 

  • Your brand identity and who you are.

  • The product or service you offer.

  • The value your products or services provide today - not six months ago.

We also recommend keeping your inventory and marketing up to date to avoid delayed deliveries. If you’re offering unavailable products, don’t accumulate backorders you can’t fill quickly. If you’re promoting an item that’s out of stock for a while, make sure to pull your advertising within a reasonable timeframe. 

Why do all of this? Up-to-date marketing materials and inventory show that your company cares about your customers, and that you believe in your products. Receiving mixed pricing and promotional information around your products and services leads to a lack of trust in your brand. It could also cause your sales force to get caught up in preventable discrepancies or require reputation management. 

To help businesses mitigate lapses in their marketing efforts, Jet Mail provides the most efficient way to quickly update your marketing materials. With our state-of-the-art Konica Minolta Variable Digital Printing capability, no marketing change is too small or too large to handle with ease.

Update Your Marketing Materials at Jet Mail Speed

The old-school method of updating marketing materials involved identifying every print marketing channel and the relevant in-house documentation for the sales or production teams that go with it. These include flyers, brochures, emails, landing pages, sales guides, direct mail offerings, catalogs, and more. That’s followed by individually rounding up the assets for each one from varying databases, which is time consuming.

What’s more,? separate vendors were once required for each component of the producing process, from design, printing, kitting, packing, and final distribution. If point of sale or other wide format marketing collateral had to be coordinated to maintain consistency, add a specialized printing service to the long list of involved parties. Any one of these independent operators could be the monkey wrench that breaks your marketing machine.

The issue then is that you have to individually change each piece of marketing material and have them sent out to the appropriate people and facilities for digital and print campaigns. This is also time-consuming and requires complex interaction and tracking between departments, print facilities, and the mail service.

At Jet Mail, we’ve got a better way to deal with the challenges of sudden changes in pricing, legal compliance, and unanticipated government regulations affecting everything from customer capacity to business hours.

Keep Your Marketing Resources Under One Roof

Marketing fulfillment using the Jet Mail web-to-print portal lets your company create, manage, edit, fulfill, and distribute all marketing materials from one centralized platform. Your marketing team can easily edit and update every relevant campaign without having to search through multiple databases for marketing assets. The Jet Mail Marketing Resource Center can be used to delegate changes to marketing materials and revise essential in-house business communications regarding compliance or legal changes, all based on administrative levels and limited access to ensure that only those with the proper authority can execute required changes.

Manage Your Marketing Budget with Ease

Built-in management and reporting tools keep your company on budget and lower the cost of marketing by reducing waste. If this is an option you’d like to explore, Jet Mail offers an end-to-end marketing fulfillment solution that allows you to see the whole, integrated financial picture in one place. This allows marketing and sales managers to know exactly how much they have spent to date and how much remains in their department’s marketing collateral budget. Contact us directly to begin saving on your commercial printing and mailing budget.

Get Fast Printed and Delivered Marketing Materials

When sudden price changes occur, “time is money” most certainly applies. Jet Mail offers our clients the ability to order the print campaign materials for direct mail offerings and company documents you need through the web-to-print portal

Jet Mail’s marketing fulfillment service will then  print-on-demand and distribute your materials at your direction with the most competitive postal rates available through our own onsite USPS post office. 

This is especially important for companies with franchises and branches across the nation or around the world, not to mention local retail businesses just now reopening after the shutdown. When it’s time to get a colorful door knocker on every house in the neighborhood to let your customers know you’re ready to welcome them back, Jet Mail’s fast turnaround and fulfillment services has never been more important.

Control Your Marketing Assets from Creation to Distribution

The Jet Mail Marketing Resource Center puts your company in control of all marketing collateral assets from beginning to end, offering the most streamlined updates and rapid distribution in a timely manner. Jet Mail's hybrid on-demand/JIT printing model allows companies to take advantage of their web-to-print portal, easily update assets from one location, order material, and have it shipped from our on-site data processing center, commercial print room, and mailing service.

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We want to make sure your business succeeds in 2021 by offering marketing solutions that may lower costs, streamline workflows, and improve the overall health of your organization. When you need to update at Jet Mail speed, place an order today for printing or mailing services. We look forward to speaking with you.


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