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How to Use Print Marketing to Increase Sales

How to Use Print Marketing to Increase Sales

In highly competitive, fast-paced business sectors, you'll undoubtedly need to utilize every available marketing channel from social media to search engine optimization and email campaigns. This also means that your competitors are using the same online marketing opportunities available to you as well. To stay competitive and avoid losing market share or stagnation, you want to consider what your competition is doing to remain aggressive by marketing your organization beyond your digital channels. 

The first thing to remember is that the front porch mailbox is the only consumer "inbox" with no filters or blocking algorithms, making it easier for businesses to communicate directly with their customers. If you’re not using direct mail in your marketing efforts, you’re missing an essential piece of developing an effective marketing strategy that tangibly reaches your clientele. 

However, we know it can be challenging to know where to start or know which print marketing materials are right for your business. At Jet Mail, we produce the following print marketing materials that always increase our customers’ traffic online and in-store: 

  • Elegant branded printed materials and brochures.

  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) catalogues. 

  • Company calendars. 

  • Company cards. 

  • Self-mailers, postcards and envelope packages.

Print marketing campaigns executed through targeted, personalized direct mail allows your business to reach your consumers' USPS mailbox when you can’t online. 

Let’s move forward by highlighting different ways you can use print marketing to increase brand awareness and conversion rates by adding it to your marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Jet Mail Print Marketing

A recent survey by the independent research company Toluna revealed that 46% of consumers are more likely to take action from print marketing compared to social media and email marketing channels.

That stat undeniably positions print media as one of the most effective and reliable ways to boost conversions online and increase walk-in sales traffic to brick and mortar businesses. Print media is also a great support system to your digital marketing channels by being the best direct-to-consumer touchpoint for customer interactions, which often doesn’t work when using less personalized social media or email campaigns online. 

A well-crafted and timed personalized print message sent directly to a customer's mailbox can enhance your other marketing channels by re-engaging them or introducing someone to your brand for the first time. You can even steer your customers to your website or store directly without allowing your competitors to make their pitches ahead of you, as is the case within Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) on Google. 

Why Jet Mail Print Marketing is so Effective 

The Toluna study also reported key findings, highlighting how consumers around the globe prefer paper and print, from reading for pleasure or gaining information on news or other marketing collateral.

By looking closer at their findings, the importance of making Jet Mail's print marketing tools the foundation for your multi-channel integrated marketing strategy becomes more evident. Here are a few key print marketing stats highlighted by Toluna to know:  

  • 65% of consumers prefer reading print: Consumers believe they understand the subject more when reading printed media. 52% of people also prefer print catalogs to those found online when making a purchasing decision. 

  • 1/3 of consumers are concerned about digital overload: Eye strain, headaches, and sleep disturbances caused by overusing electronic devices, which encourages more people to embrace print media. 

  • 46% of people take action from print messages: Consumers are more likely to convert or engage with your brand after seeing a print ad than seeing it online. 

  • 68% of consumers don’t pay attention to online ads: Most internet users simply ignore online advertisements. Additionally, 60% of those surveyed said they couldn't remember the last time they clicked through an online advertisement.

  • 56% of recipients read printed flyers, leaflets, and direct mailers: Your customers are more likely to read your printed marketing materials. 

Effective and personalized print marketing with versatility doesn’t have to be hard to find. Jet Mail's variable data printing services (VDP) offer a great solution that has the potential to boost response rates for digital campaigns, while getting customers to the point of purchase online or in-store, even if you choose to use it as a stand-alone marketing tool. 

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Increasing Direct Mail Response Rates with Jet Mail VDP

Marketers need to recognize that personalized VDP direct mail is the dominant marketing channel. The best part? Response rates soar when using Jet Mail VDP to create personalized direct mailings.

Remember, the average person receives 121 email messages per day, making it more challenging to engage with consumers through their inbox. Social media platforms have also become more competitive after becoming crowded with paid advertisements from your competitors. Direct mail mitigates these issues by offering a clear path to reaching your customers.   

How does direct mail increase response rates? Data-driven direct mail allows your organization to take the initiative and grab consumer attention with the physical presence of print that can’t be missed because actual mailboxes aren’t inundated with hundreds of messages every day. That alone increases the chances of getting more eyes on your marketing materials, which increases opportunities for conversions. 

Which Branded Print Merchandise Should I Use?

Sending your customers boldly branded merchandise is an effective way to catch their attention while delivering the information they want from your business. The marketing collateral many Jet Mail customers use include: 

  • Branded calendars highlighting the charm or advantages of a company.

  • Posters providing valuable customer information. 

  • Useful or inexpensive promotional giveaways, like journals or calendars listing a company logo and business contact information.

  • Promotional flyers or sale announcements. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of print collateral you could use, and we certainly offer many others, but they are the ones that Jet Mail customers often use to support their businesses. 

What to Include on Your Promotional Printed Materials

Additionally, our customers often ask us what they should include on their printed merchandise to promote their business. We recommend having your website URL and your company’s exact social media handles on each platform to direct them to your website or to encourage them to engage with your brand online. We also recommend highlighting your logo or any other sales information that may entice a customer visit. 

Remember, every time consumers use branded merchandise, awareness and loyalty is reinforced. For example, a branded calendar will keep your business at the top of your customer's mind year-round and could lead to lifelong commitment. 

Why Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Catalogs are Great for Profit and Position

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) catalogs contribute to elevated company positioning by adding respectability and legitimacy to your business’ reputation when so many upstart eCommerce enterprises come and go. According to a report by Retail Dive, 9.8 billion catalogs were mailed in 2016, and slightly over 100-million consumers made catalog purchases. 

Those sales happened because cautious consumers naturally assume that a company investing in publishing and distributing elegant, graphically attractive print catalogs is already a successful enterprise. Not to mention, a creative print catalog positions your business as one with a well-established base of satisfied customers. 

Annual catalogs are also perfect as complete “evergreen” product guides covering inventory, pricing information, and other resources your consumers and sales team can use to reference. Additionally, some Jet Mail customers also include coupons for in-store purchases or specific codes for online orders that are redeemable monthly to keep customers engaged throughout the year. 

Where to Get the Best Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Printed Materials 

Nothing catches consumer attention better than a weekly or monthly mini-catalog or brochure offering significant “discounts off of our yearly catalog price” and exciting new products that are “available now.” Personalized mailings can also be used to offer discounts and other rewards for your “frequent flyer” customers to show your appreciation for their business. 

The Jet Mail Marketing Portal – and our convenient web-to-print portals – offer everything you’ll need to succeed with your DTC marketing efforts.  

We offer monthly or weekly mailings that can keep your best catalog customers engaged and purchasing by providing the best and up-to-date prices you offer. With Jet Mail VDP at your command, no print job is too large or too small to get done. Our fast turnaround times also let you optimize lucrative sales opportunities as they come. Contact us to let us know how we can help you succeed with your DTC materials! 

The Importance of Point of Sale (POS) Signage and Business Cards 

When your customers arrive for their special direct mailing deals, offer bright and bold Point of Sale (POS) signage that takes them right to the product. You can also add POS signage to point them to accessories and related products to increase sales. With the Jet Mail Marketing Portal, you can easily order POS and trade show signage, storefront window posters, and other large-format marketing collateral with preset administrative levels and spending limits that always stay within budget. 

At the other end of the print media spectrum, business cards with updated phone numbers, email contact information, branch locations, and website URLs are just a click away with web-to-print ordering, too. When strategies change, we make it easy for businesses to create, manage, and distribute your essential business communications. 

With Jet Mail integrated marketing and data management solutions, you can even send follow-up postcards and personalized offers that get results and bring in the best return on investment for your ad spend.

Contact Us for End-to-End Marketing Fulfillment

Using multiple vendors often complicates marketing fulfillment when franchises and branch offices are located across the globe. Managing different contracts is regularly more expensive and time-consuming. With Jet Mail as your commercial printing team, we make print mail marketing easier by offering every service you'll need to succeed under one roof. 

From the original design of your print marketing collateral to mailing list updates, data hygiene, and the most competitive mailing rates by our in-house USPS post office, Jet Mail is your one-stop-shop for end-to-end marketing fulfillment solutions with decades of success. When you have a new marketing fulfillment project ready for production, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services or place an order. We are here for you.



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