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Integrated Marketing Solutions With Jet Mail

Integrated Marketing Solutions With Jet Mail

The concept of integrated marketing came about after the paradigm-shifting advent of the internet introduced new marketing channels, like email and social media. The need for strategic integration of these new digital channels with traditional advertising, PR and sales campaigns quickly became apparent.

Separated marketing efforts lacked the consistency and rapid response to market trends that reinforce key branding strategies and boost conversions. Worse yet, independently operated marketing efforts were hardly cost-effective as overlapping or redundant costs were incurred for each campaign.

Thus, the concept of integrated marketing was born.

Why Integrated Marketing is More Important Than Ever For Businesses Today

A major shift in consumer behavior is beginning and marketing strategies must evolve to meet the current and post-pandemic landscape. As consumer behavior shifts, it's more important than ever for businesses to have an agile integrated marketing strategy that can adapt quickly to changes in consumer behaviors.

Now, is the time to focus on your integrated marketing strategies and ensure that your end-to-end customer experience is agile enough to handle new consumer behaviors.

Jet Mail streamlines the modern marketing process by allowing your business to work consistently through several distinct, but integrated channels and focus on marketing strategies that ensure your end-to-end customer experience is consistent, customized and able to quickly adapt.

Let’s break down the Jet Mail core services list for you and explain how they can all dovetail in ways that can increase your response rate by tenfold – the average jump for Jet Mail clients.

Business Printing in the Digital Age

Personalized digital print communications are one of the most effective tools in an integrated marketing strategy. If you think email campaigns and a web presence are all that’s needed in today’s digital marketing environment, read on to learn why versatile on-demand printing is such a vital component of a truly integrated marketing strategy.

There is a persistent myth that digitization killed the age of print media, but when printing went digital, it opened the door for businesses to quickly execute hyper-targeted and customized print campaigns that convert.

Before digital printing technology, printers produced unique stencils or plates to reproduce pages (aka offset printing). The costs to create unique stencils or plates for customized campaigns would be astronomical, so businesses had to print static materials in bulk.

The digital printing era brought with it the ability to print on-demand, meaning businesses can print as orders come in and without order minimums. This replaced the issue of overproduction that was a hallmark of the offset printing era.

For decades, Jet Mail has continuously innovated the art of printing by leveraging our technology and infrastructure. We blended the concept of on-demand printing with a just-in-time printing model that gives businesses the agility to immediately modify, scale up, or scale down print campaigns, without the need to deal with separate vendors for mailing, fulfillment, or distribution.

Faster and more affordable than traditional on-demand printing, Jet Mail’s proprietary just-in-time printing model uses data-driven insights to keep just the right amount of your ready-to-mail marketing materials on the shelf of our 80,000 square foot warehouse. Since your inventory is already printed and packaged, we can fulfill and ship orders same-day, eliminating the delay or costs that come with traditional on-demand printing.

Everything you need for your business printing and integrated marketing strategy is available under the Jet Mail roof including:

  • Sales and marketing collateral: Web-to-print customized storefronts, posters, business stationery programs, POS signage, trade show materials, and more.

  • Digital printing presses with Variable Data Printing for personalized print response materials.

  • Small and large format: No need to search for a specialized wide format printing vendor for trade shows and events.

  • Design support: Our design team can turn your rough notepad sketches into sophisticated, memorable marketing graphics that enhance your brand.

Integrated Marketing With Direct Mail Campaigns

Print media thrives in the digital marketing environment because it is a proven, time-tested technique that gets results. Direct mail continues to thrive for that same reason.

Direct mail campaigns hold the top response rates when compared to action taken by consumers receiving email offers and boast a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12%. But not all direct mail campaigns are created equal. Remember the days of mailers addressed to “occupant” or “current resident?" There’s no quicker way to go from the mail box to the trash than that. 

Today's consumers expect businesses to establish a unique personal relationship, and Jet Mail’s VDP (Variable Data Printing) lets you create one-to-one marketing communications that result in better response and conversion rates by replacing static elements with personal data that allows each recipient on your mailing list to receive a unique message without needing to manually design each piece. Text and graphics (Variable Data Imaging) can be tailored to target each individual customer’s exact needs and with Jet Mail’s integrated marketing reporting you’ll have the data you need to take personalized communication to the highest level.

From creation to finishing, packing, labeling, and shipping your materials anywhere around the globe, Jet Mail’s expert mail consultants help you get the best rates, discounts, and delivery options available through our own in-house postal office. 

But we’re not done with the Jet Mail end-to-end integrated marketing services yet. When your strategically integrated campaigns bring in the orders it’s time to deliver with the Jet Mail Fleet. 

Integrated Marketing and Fulfillment 

Time to market is an essential factor in today’s business environment, one rampant with time-based competition, which makes quick and efficient fulfillment critical to your agile integrated marketing strategy.

The term fulfillment makes most people think of Amazon-esque warehouses that process hundreds of thousands of packages per day. But fulfillment isn’t a process that’s relegated to e-commerce and product-based businesses; it’s a critical part of any integrated marketing strategy. 

Customer expectations for prompt delivery have soared, and nothing can kill an otherwise flawless integrated marketing campaign faster than delays in fulfillment.  

For example, when a business receives a website request for a brochure or sample, these items need to be on the shelf, professionally packaged and ready for prompt shipping.

Unfortunately, handling fulfillment internally can create a significant and unnecessary drain on resources and cause delays in getting time-sensitive materials into the hands of customers. 

Too many businesses use valuable internal resources to process, manage, pack, and ship marketing materials. In other words, busy members of your marketing or sales team can be doing far more important things for business growth than stuffing an envelope with a brochure and putting it in the outgoing mail box. 

Save time, money, and internal resources by making Jet Mail your single point of contact to handle the storage and prompt order processing of your marketing materials. More than just a printer, Jet Mail’s end-to-end marketing services include the infrastructure and logistical expertise to:

  • Receive and process your incoming orders.

  • Print and assemble any marketing or sales collateral you may need to be packaged along with your product.

  • Store and manage your inventory.

  • Kit and pack your materials as required.

  • Ship orders promptly from our in-house postal office.

Jet Mail partners with the USPS and is a subsidiary partner with International Bonded Couriers (IBC), so we can offer the most competitive national and international shipping rates and get your materials delivered fast. 

Integrated Marketing and Distribution

What’s the best way to ensure a smooth delivery? Avoid the hassles and supply chain disruptions of dealing with multiple vendors by having a single point of contact to manage your integrated marketing campaign from end-to-end. 

Jet Mail has locations throughout the country with established distribution channels and is the only integrated marketing solutions provider with international mail capabilities. 

Once your materials are out for delivery, Intelligent Mail® delivery tracking and Track N Trace®  allow you to follow each piece of mail from the first scan to the destination scan. Secure reporting functionality is available with direct access to USPS IMb Tracing technology and USPS Intelligent Mail barcode data. 

Should you need customized delivery services, Jet Mail has a worldwide network of couriers for fast and reliable delivery around the globe.

The Jet Mail Advantage

Jet Mail has continuously innovated since our beginnings as a direct mail and lettershop service provider back in 1993. Nearly three decades later, we’ve evolved and expanded our core competencies to meet the competitive demands of the digital age. Today, businesses across North America rely on Jet Mail as their single point of contact for end-to-end integrated marketing solutions. When you're ready to get started, contact us today


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