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Sean Connor 10/29/20 1:56 PM

Jet Mail’s Holiday Marketing Checklist


Now is the time to start planning your marketing campaigns for the most lucrative direct mail season of the year. Direct mail campaigns already achieve the highest response rates of any marketing channel, but during the holiday season, mail opening and response rates soar even higher. 

In order to stay ahead of the intense shipping crush in December, you’ll need to plan your campaigns now and have your materials ready to mail by the end of November. 

Here’s our checklist for making the most of the holiday direct mail season:

  • Holiday cards get opened. Create colorful, elegant mailers that make your direct mail offer look like a holiday card to increase open rates. Use the data from your CRM and variable data printing to personalize mailers with customer names and messaging unique to their needs.  

  • Branded calendars are the perfect, practical gift that keeps on giving year-round. Establish a physical brand presence for your company on kitchen walls and office desks with colorful calendars that draw attention and keep your brand top of mind. 

  • Personalized employee holiday cards. Don’t forget your own workforce! With variable data printing, each employee can receive personalized holiday salutations that let them know that the talents, skills, experience, and hard work they contribute to the success of your organization are all appreciated. 

  • Re-engage existing customers. Customers have given you their data throughout the year, so put it to work if they haven’t purchased in a while. The holidays are a great time to remind them that you appreciate their business. 

  • Get flashy. If there is ever a time to get flashy with print marketing media, the holiday season is it. Create seasonal posters and window displays on a variety of printed materials such as foil, metallics, plastics, and art paper with vivid colors.

  • Spread holiday cheer with integrated campaigns. Add a printed element to social media and email campaigns to reach a much larger audience. Send personalized mailers pointing to a PURL (personalized URL) with a customer's favorite products or discount codes.

  • Audit your existing marketing materials for 2021. Just like Santa, make a list and check it twice. Are there out-of-date flyers or brochures that need updating? Make sure to refresh your website too, especially when your holiday direct mail points customers to special offers there.

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