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Our History: From Lettershop to One-Stop Shop

Located about 20 miles west of Boston, Jet Mail Services was founded in 1992 by Edward Kohler on the premise that every client deserved peace of mind and exceptional service, regardless of how complex or time-sensitive their needs were. From humble beginnings as a direct mail and lettershop service provider, Jet Mail has always been dedicated to non-stop service.

Arrow_for_Our_HistoryAdapting to the needs of their customers, Jet Mail had gradually expanded their core competencies to include fulfillment & distribution services by the end of the decade. With the acquisition of several medium-sized transport vehicles, the company had wisely invested in a newly built, high bay warehouse that added 68,000 square feet of storage space to support their fulfillment operations. With an expertise in mail and postal logistics, Jet Mail had sought to provide the full complement of fulfillment and mailing services to meet any client's needs.

Arrow_for_Our_HistoryAs the years pressed on, increasing demands for data-driven campaigns and personalized marketing drove us to develop our data processing center and commercial printing services. Today, we boast both offset and digital pressrooms, armed one of the largest fleet of digital color print production equipment in the northeastern United States.

International Bonded Couriers, IncorporatedAfter nearly a decade of successful operations, Jet Mail became a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Bonded Couriers, Inc. (IBC), an express logistics company that provides a worldwide network of courier services from the United States, including customs brokerage, global mail processing, and air/ocean transport. Delivering over 50 million pieces per year to over 230 countries, IBC is a world leader of customized delivery and transportation solutions. As a subsidary, Jet Mail now offers its customers best-in-class services and the promise of local accountability with global reach.

Today, Jet Mail Services coordinates all of its printing, mailing, data processing, and fulfillment services from its primary facility in Hudson, Massachusetts. Our state-of-the-art facility features an in-house U.S. Postal Office, a HIPPA compliant data processing center, and both digital and offset pressrooms. For complex fulfillment programs and direct mail campaigns, Jet Mail Services provides its clients with access to more than 50 offices and distribution centers around the world, in locations such as Boston, Miami, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and London.

Our success can be accredited to the utilization of advanced equipment and technology, combined with an experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy staff that is committed to the highest standards in the industry. At Jet Mail Services, we pride ourselves on offering customer-specific solutions, and truly understands that one size does not fit all. Processing over 4 million pieces per month at our primary facility, we are proven to be more than capable of handling your projects in a timely manner, regardless of size or complexity.


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 AMSP is the national trade association for the mailing and fulfillment services industry.From humble beginnings as a direct mail and lettershop service provider, Jet Mail has always been dedicated to non-stop service.


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