Jet Mail Services can handle your complete end-to-end marketing production and fulfillment operations.
We connect all the elements of a successful brand management and print marketing strategy, from collateral development and production, to execution and distribution, onto a single web-based portal

The Marketing Resource Center
An All-in-One Solution For Managing Your Field Marketing and Distributed Sales Teams

Features Overview:

Simplify Your Marketing Fulfillment and Sales Support with The Marketing Resource Center.

Automated Artwork Production
Reduce Production Costs and Localize Your Collateral Faster

For distributed marketing and sales teams, personalization and localization through customized text, images, and details has proven to be a powerful business tool. With Web-to-Print integration, marketers can build templates that automatically customized based on geographic region, receipient, or any other parameters you choose to create -- no design skills required! Online adaptation of templates and the automated generation of print-ready collateral enables on-brand tactical flexibility.

Our solution uses proprietary software to import data into custom-designed dynamic layouts. Without disrupting production speeds, we then integrate this data into personalized, full-color, targeted print runs of nearly any size or scope. The Marketing Resource Center allows users to digitally print on-demand a full range of printed one-to-one marketing pieces with customized names, messaging, pricing, images, and special offers at quality comparable to offset printing.

  • Access from the Web without Third-Party Software or Plugins
  • Input Variable Data and Preview Proofs in Real-time
  • Dynamic Templates for Press, Direct Mail, and Online
  • Integrated Ordering and Approval Workflows
  • Export Print-Ready PDF Documents
  • Easily Modify Text and Swap Images in Templates
  • Import Artwork Templates created with Industry Standard Software
    (e.g. Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Quark XPress, etc.)
Execute More Localized & One-to-One Marketing Campaigns to Better Support Your Channel Partners & Distributed Sales Teams!
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