Jet Mail Services can handle your complete end-to-end marketing production and fulfillment operations.
It connects all the elements of a successful brand management and print marketing strategy, from collateral development and production, to execution and distribution, onto a single web-based portal

The Marketing Resource Center
An All-in-One Solution For Managing Your Field Marketing and Distributed Sales Teams

Features Overview:

Simplify Your Marketing Fulfillment and Sales Support with The Marketing Resource Center.

Budget and Spend Management
Regain Control Over Your Marketing Spend

It takes dependable information and real-time feedback to create successful and productive field marketing and sales teams. Fortunately, managing a large marketing budget across a distributed sales force, channel partners, franchises, or multiple departments has never been simplier.

Our customizable user interface allows managers to oversee activities, resources, and budgets with greater flexibility and speed. Built-in and custom-tailored reporting tools provide filtering, mining, and sorting functionalities across all system content and usage. Centrally control your finances and marketing spend with:

  • Instant Access to Budget and Spend Information
  • Track Committed Budget Amounts against Actual Expenditures
  • Log Orders & Transfers of Value by Expenditures, Location, and Recipient
  • Enforce Your Budget with Role-Based Permissions and Reorder Limits
  • Live Dashboard Reporting for Financial Stakeholders
  • View Number and Status of Projects in Production and Live in Market
  • Production and Activity Spend by Users, Campaigns, and Items
Gather Reliable Information and Real-time Feedback on Your Marketing Spend and Finances.
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