Jet Mail Services can handle your complete end-to-end marketing production and fulfillment operations.
It connects all the elements of a successful brand management and print marketing strategy, from collateral development and production, to execution and distribution, onto a single web-based portal

The Marketing Resource Center
An All-in-One Solution For Managing Your Field Marketing and Distributed Sales Teams

Features Overview:

Simplify Your Marketing Fulfillment and Sales Support with The Marketing Resource Center..
Marketing Production Management
Simplify Your Marketing Supply Chain

Built-in project management tools allow corporate marketing teams and managers to control the collateral production and fulfillment process. Marketing staff utilize sophisticated workflow tools to manage key processes on behalf of their distributed sales force, including variable template creation, multi-level permissions, and approval workflows that expedite production from the smallest print job to the largest cross-channel marketing campaign. Understanding every aspect of your marketing and sales initiatives is paramount to success. It enables teams to:

  • Gain Control Over Budgets
  • Generate Estimates for Production and Distribution
  • Print, Pack, & Ship Marketing Materials On-Demand
  • Manage Artwork, Files, Collateral, and Inventory
  • Keep All Stakeholders Informed & Up-to-date
  • Embed Compliance Procedures and Checklists
  • Fast-track Approvals for Copy and Creative
  • Provide Role-Based, Single Sign-On Access
Create Variable Templates, Multi-Level Permissions, and Approval Workflows with only a Couple Clicks!
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