Jet Mail Services can handle your complete end-to-end marketing production and fulfillment operations.
We connect all the elements of a successful brand management and print marketing strategy, from collateral development and production, to execution and distribution, onto a single web-based portal

The Marketing Resource Center
An All-in-One Solution For Managing Your Field Marketing and Distributed Sales Teams

Features Overview:

Simplify Your Marketing Fulfillment and Sales Support with The Marketing Resource Center.

Online Shopping Cart
Centralized Management and Ordering of Marketing Collateral & Products

Our solution streamlines all of the functions for managing orders and supply processes in marketing collateral and promotional material logistics. We make it fast and easy to supply your distributed sales teams, business units, channel partners, franchises, and other stakeholders with pre-approved marketing materials, templates, and products. Users can access items with security and permissions applied at mulitple levels, and can order materials both individually and as bundled packages or kits. Orders are placed through a standard shopping cart module and, when completed, are automatically sent to our warehouse for same-day fulfillment.

Web-to-Print integration makes it easy to combine variable data with the corresponding advertising copy and images for use in marketing pieces like catalogs, business cards, and direct mail campaigns. Centralize your marketing communications and manage inventory with a web-based tool built especially made for distributed marketing and sales teams. Our webstore feature includes:

  • Keyword Tagging by Asset, Brand, Business Unit, or Type
  • Simple and Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Manage Rights Expiry Dates on Items and Materials
  • Scalable Access to Tens of Thousands of Users
  • Customizable User Interfaces
  • Online Approvals and Persona Controls
  • Automated Order and Production Workflows
  • Real-time Visibility with Online Inventory Management
  • Set Budgets, Reorder Limits, and Custom Settings by Roles
Easily Customize your Online Store, Add Products, and Quickly Accept Orders and Production Requests from Your Distributed Sales Team!
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