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Pharmaceutical Marketing Fulfillment

  • Pre-approved templates can be personalized and sent directly to HCPs across practice locations
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance by applying unmodifiable sections to templates
  • Manage and cleanse data with HIPAA compliance

Franchise Marketing Fulfillment

  • Support franchises by providing brand-compliant templates they can customize for their local market
  • Automated approval workflows ensure brand guidelines are always adhered to
  • Set quantity and budget limits for each individual franchise
Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency Print Fulfillment

  • Expand service offerings by providing print and direct mail to clients as part of their integrated marketing strategy
  • Provide clients with a centralized location to manage marketing assets
  • Give clients self-service access to create and order materials
Home Services

Home Services Marketing Fulfillment

  • Send direct mail campaigns with images, content, and offers that address the needs of different demographics
  • Adapt quickly to consumer behavior or changes in the market by adjusting messaging or offers before the competition 
  • Easily update templates with seasonal offerings or price changes to avoid throwing away outdated materials
Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance Marketing Fulfillment

  • Empower branch managers to deliver local, targeted campaigns and offers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by requiring legal language and documents are included on all assets
  • Expedite the corporate review process with workflows that streamline ordering and approvals

Nonprofit Marketing Fulfillment

  • Send personalized thank you letters to new donors that include their name, donation amount, and other interests
  • Leverage data from your CRM to send annual appeals that highlight previous donation amounts, interests, and donor-specific content
  • Use the portal as a storefront to sell your organizations branded merchandise

Manufacturer Marketing Fulfillment

  • Amplify marketing efforts by providing distributors with templates that they can add their information and promotions to 
  • Automate sample orders from your website by storing ready-to-ship samples and literature in our warehouse for same-day fulfillment
  • Strengthen your sales channel and give dealers and affiliates the ability to create and distribute co-branded assets

Automotive Marketing Fulfillment

  • Give dealerships the power to create and distribute marketing collateral that is relevant to their market and demographics 
  • Use customer data to personalize mailers with service reminders or trade-in promotions
  • Nurture digital leads with   direct mail pieces that showcase the benefits of the vehicle they are interested in
higher Education

Higher Education Marketing Fulfillment

  • Lock templates to keep branding in place while allowing for customization specific to recruits, students, faculty and alumni
  • Centralize all marketing assets to maintain control of content across departments, campuses, and networks
  • Create personalized URLs to blend digital and direct marketing strategies that resonate with tech-savvy students
Medical Device

Medical Device Marketing Fulfillment

  • Give medical office managers self-service access to order product literature 
  • Control which offices and partners can download collateral and set parameters around what they can customize, including photos, logos, graphics, and content. 
  • Update or discontinue marketing assets in real-time should regulatory changes occur, without worrying that outdated versions are being distributed.

E-Commerce Marketing Fulfillment

  • Create branded collateral to accompany your products, including brochures and flyers. 
  • Use customer data to send direct mail campaigns with information on seasonal offerings and discounts. 
  • Get support with order fulfillment, inventory management, and domestic and international shipping.

Why Jet Mail Marketing Fulfillment Services?

Our in-house print, mail, data, and fulfillment capabilities give Jet Mail the ability to create customized solutions and work with you every step of the way as your hands-on, proactive marketing fulfillment partner.

Our focus on speed to market, data-driven print, personalization, and brand management elevates our customer's marketing collateral and sets Jet Mail apart from other marketing fulfillment companies.

  • Speed to Market

    Speed to Market

  • Data-Driven-Print-1

    Data-Driven Print

  • Brand-Managemeent


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    Brand Management

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