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PRESS RELEASE: Twelve FDA-Approved Drug and Medical Device Launches in 24 Months Use Jet Mail Marketing Platform

July 16, 2019

Twelve FDA-Approved Drug and Medical Device Launches in 24 Months Use Jet Mail Marketing Platform

[July 16, 2019 - Greater Boston area] -In the past 24 months, twelve FDA-approved new drug and device launches have come to market using a version of the pharmaceutical marketing supply chain that leverages outsourcing. A specialized portfolio of services from Jet Mail helped seven firms complete national distribution of branded marketing collateral for the twelve launches.


“The new marketing supply chain reflects a greater role for digital print production and personalization in FDA launch and post-launch processes,” said Jet Mail CEO, Ed Kohler. “Printed communications remain part of the launch equation, but digital workflows and production capabilities allow more customization that pharma marketers need.”


Demand for Smaller Runs of Targeted Collateral

The FDA has 10 months to approve a New Drug Application (NDA), and many pharma marketers scramble to create materials in time for the PDUFA date and launch. From the time the NDA is submitted, pharma marketers face pressure to develop multiple printed marketing items in time for launch. Limited bandwidth and tight schedules strain their ability to create and print regulatory-approved collateral. This can be relieved by partners like Jet Mail, who understand digital production and the requirements of FDA-approved launches.


On-demand Collateral For Pharma Marketing Supply Chain

Pharma marketers can’t predict how sales teams, doctors and patients will receive a marketing piece, and they have to make their best guess to predict print quantities. Collateral typically has a short life span of just a year or so and quickly becomes dated. If marketers overestimate demand, they waste money on production. The ability to produce marketing materials in smaller, economical batches with customization and tracking is largely untapped in pharma marketing, but that’s changing with digital print and personalization.


Now pharma and medical device marketers can start with lower quantities and less waste, and quickly print more as needed. The Jet Mail Marketing Management Platform helps them better manage collateral and mail production and create communications on demand. More marketers are exploiting this advantage, as indicated by the uptick in short-run customization. “We see more accounts that need us to print customized direct mail pieces, and provide kitting, fulfillment and distribution,” said Kohler.


How Pharma Markets and Marketing Are Evolving

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising is a sweet spot for data-driven communications like those needed for post-launch communications. Research from the Journal of the American Medical Association found steep increases in marketing expenditures for DTC advertising, going from $2.1 billion in 1997 to $9.6 billion in 2016. DTC trends require a pharma marketing supply chain with ongoing access to shorter print runs, digital print for personalization, and customized materials.


Precision targeting is the key to bigger impact with smaller, on-demand mailings — a value proposition taking hold in pharma marketing. “Data isn’t just names and addresses anymore,” explained Stephen Smith, Jet Mail Director of Technology and Fulfillment. “It’s marketing intelligence that can be harnessed to print for targeted, response-producing outcomes. Data in one form or another is what today’s marketers buy when they invest in multi-channel communications programs.”


Growing Global Middle Class Creates New Endpoints for Pharma Marketing Supply Chain

Managing multi-country launches with staged price increases can be complex, making global delivery services an essential part of the pharmaceutical marketer’s toolkit. Pharma marketers need specialized distribution and communications versions customized for each country or market. For pharmaceutical organizations to benefit from rising global markets like India and Brazil, they must tailor products, services and prices to these new consumers.


With more launches having an international component, marketers encounter different rules and regulations for delivery, so there’s value in a single-source provider like Jet Mail to keep it affordable and scalable. With these capabilities in place, pharmaceutical companies can launch new medicines simultaneously in multiple countries. Pharma marketers may also build new brands incrementally, adding services as they expand territories or identify new needs.


Investing in Personalization Expertise and Customer Service

The pharmaceutical industry has a growing need for partners with brand launch and post-launch expertise. Any company that wants to serve pharma marketers must adapt to a variety of audience, distribution and compliance needs. To support more complex product launches, Jet Mail has expanded sales and client services with the addition of new team members:


Monica Clabaugh - Director of Marketing and Sales Implementation

David Lenihan - Senior Account Manager

Debra Peters - Sales Support Manager


“We act as a partner to their Marketing Department to reduce concerns over production and distribution of marketing materials, so they can focus on their strategy,” said David Lenihan. “Our goal is to build rapport on the first appointment by listening and asking questions to find challenges that need communication and distribution solutions.”


Marketing Management Platform Serves FDA Launch and Post-launch Needs

Jet Mail supports pharma and medical device marketing teams with a customized marketing management platform that relieves them of many production and distribution concerns.The Jet Mail Marketing Management Platform helps marketers with initial launch and awareness and continues as an ongoing post-launch resource.


The Jet Mail Marketing Management Platform assists pharma marketers with:

  • Rapid deployment of branded online marketing materials order management
  • Easy online ordering, tracking and confirmation for field teams
  • Real-time inventory reporting through integration with Jet Mail warehouse management system
  • Low inventory alerts with automatic re-order triggers for seamless re-stocking

Case Study: Pharma Marketing Supply Chain in Action

The evolution of the pharma marketing supply chain puts more options and quality control in the hands of marketers through outsourcing partners like Jet Mail. “When you don’t have to spend time figuring out how to tactically pull campaigns and product launches together, you’re free to focus on more strategic actions. We want to raise awareness, so marketers know they have complete solutions for sales, marketing and distribution for collateral and distribution channels -- all in one place,” said Kohler.


Download this success story and others to learn how pharma marketers improved launch and post-launch deliverables with the help of Jet Mail print, mail and distribution solutions.


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