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This screenshot demonstrates some of the bespoke reports, inventory management features, and shopping cart functionality for administrators.

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Let us walk you through our web-based platform and show you how to produce, manage, and distribute marketing collateral throughout your network easier and faster than ever before.


With The Marketing Resource Center™ you can:


  • Ensure Brand and Regulatory Compliance: Build your processes into the system with custom settings and template-driven collateral for use throughout your network, guaranteeing brand & messaging are maintained.
  • Maximize Impact at the Local Level: Support sales reps and channel partners on a single platform for the production and distribution of marketing collateral with print-on-demand content localization and personalization to generate more leads and close more deals.
  • Streamline Your Marketing Supply Chain: Monitor inventory in real-time, access detailed reporting tools, and automate routing and notifications for material development and approval through cross-functional workflows.
  • Control Distributed Sales and Marketing Activities : Centrally manage your distributed sales teams and channel partners by setting individual budgets, reorder limits, and granular level access for roles.
  • Save Time and Critical Resources: Eliminate manual spreadsheets to tracking orders and expenses by automating the entire process, from order requests to production to delivery of marketing assets & promotional materials into the field.
  • Centrally Control Your Marketing Spend: Manage and view budgets at detailed levels within a marketing context, as opposed to financial context, which allows for more accurate annual forecasting.

We here at Jet Mail Services are pretty amped about our solution, and we'd love the opportunity to show it to you. If you're willing to share a few minutes of your time, we commit to showing you a solution, tailored specifically to your unique challenges, that will transform the way you manage marketing collateral for your organization. Buckle up, it's worth the ride.

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