With a Robust e-Commerce Platform and End-to-End Fulfillment Capabilities, Jet Mail is Your Gateway to the Globe.
From order capture to picking and packing, and all the way through to shipping, our all-in-one solution makes great business sense for your e-commerce operation.

E-Commerce Services: Online Storefronts & Order Fulfillment Solutions

From Click to Ship, Jet Mail Offers Everything You'll Need to Support to Manage & Fulfill Your E-Commerce Transactions.


Our experienced professionals can create stunning shopping carts and e-commerce stores fast and affordably!

Custom Webstores / Shopping Cart Design

Need an online store or custom shopping cart, but are strapped for time and resources to create them on your own? We offer a cost-effective, pre-integrated solution combining web-based e-commerce platform with our automated warehouse management system, fulfillment expertise, and a multi-modal, global distribution network. Our experienced professionals are available to create stunning shopping carts and e-commerce stores that are certain to satisfy the exacting aesthetic and functional requirements of your brand.

If you should require special custom programming, Jet Mail offers affordable programming counsel and assistance services that include custom reports, import/export routines, and system integrations. Our style is to work collaboratively with you to fully grasp the objectives of the initiative, provide timetables, and pricing estimates, and to develop a comprehensive functional specification that clearly describes the scope of work and deliverable requirements. Clients know exactly what they’re engaging with and getting in return. There are no surprises.


Combining a robust order processing platform with a powerful warehouse management system, we can handle every aspect of the e-commerce fulfillment process.

Order Fulfillment & Inventory Logistics Services

Jet Mail will work seamlessly with your existing order capture systems: automating order submission, real-time shipping rates, and inventory status. Combining a robust order processing platform with a powerful warehouse management system, we can handle every aspect of the e-commerce fulfillment process. We also specialize in software integrations, so your e-commerce orders can be sent directly to our systems for real-time order processing and same-day shipping. Our fulfillment services span from basic pick-and-pack tasks to complex fulfillment programs, requiring customized kitting and hand assembly.

Control your order, inventory, and supply chain operations across Jet Mail's warehouses directly from your web browser with your advanced e-fulfillment portal. All physical inventories listed on your online storefront will be stocked in one of our high bay, bonded warehousing facilities, so you can track your current inventory and requests at anytime. In addition, Jet Mail can support your existing fulfillment and shipping operations by expanding to our global network.


We have tons of experience in both domestic and international distribution!

International and Domestic Distribution Services

Our primary location positions us in close proximity to Logan International Airport and the Port of Boston. With an in-house USPS facility and our own transportation fleet, we offer a complete line of domestic distribution functions. Our warehouses and fleet locations are positioned so that we can serve the entire US market on a next day basis if needed. As an International Bonded Couriers affiliate, Jet Mail is your gateway to the globe, with access to additional facilities in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Miami, London, Hong Kong, and Aruba, among others. In concert, we ship over 50 million parcels each year to more than 230 countries worldwide at 800 locations. We operate within their global fulfillment network, and provide international shipping, customs clearance, inside delivery, global returns, and customized courier services for products that require special handling beyond simple delivery.

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International Bonded Couriers, Inc. is an express logistics company that provides a network of services worldwide, including customs brokerage, mail processing & air/ocean transport.


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