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How Medical Device Marketers Can Improve Operational Efficiencies

How Medical Device Marketers Can Improve Operational Efficiencies

In a world where increased regulation, remote teams and “doing more with less” is the norm, marketing operations need to be as efficient as possible.

But achieving operational efficiency is easier said than done and medical device marketers face a unique set of challenges, including:

  • Internal Workflow: Internal processes, approvals, regulatory compliance, and distributed sales teams causing bottlenecks and delaying speed to market.
  • Asset Management: Assets are being created, but distributed sales teams are using outdated content–or worse, they are creating their own.
  • Bandwidth: Focusing too much time on manual customizations and one-off creative requests, while staying compliant with brand and regulatory requirements.

These challenges can take marketing departments away from focusing on what they do best–marketing. And medical device marketing requires constant focus. Marketing efforts must cater to a wide array of decision makers, each with specific pain points that can differ based on local health populations, economic conditions, policy changes and shifts in consumer behavior.

For example, the pain points of a radiologist in an outpatient facility with a high bariatric population are completely different from those of a C-suite executive at a Level 1 trauma center with a large geriatric population. Marketing materials need to be tailored to your unique audiences, but this can be difficult when weighing resources and bandwidth.

If you're looking to streamline the steps it takes to create, manage and distribute marketing collateral for your medical device company, continue reading below.

Centralize and Simplify Marketing Asset Management

Imagine all of your print, digital and promotional products housed in a single, centralized, self-service web portal where sales reps, employees, and partners can easily find, personalize and order the materials they need with minimal oversight from the marketing department.

Let us introduce you to the Jet Mail Marketing Portal.

Designed for healthcare marketers, the portal allows marketing departments to effortlessly maintain complete control and oversight of their brand, budget, and inventory while giving users the freedom to tailor marketing assets for prospects without pulling corporate marketing into every design request.

Thanks to the portal’s efficient workflows and automation, marketing teams retain centralized control over:

  • Who can access the portal.
  • What marketing collateral each user can order.
  • What content can and can’t be customized.
  • How much collateral each user can order.
  • Final sign-off on all orders through automated approval routing.

Beyond the power to manage your marketing collateral, you also get access to a robust set of features and tools to keep a pulse on all activities. This includes the ability to:

  • Create customized reports for your needs.
  • Track trends to optimize collateral development.
  • Remove outdated, unapproved or low-quality assets for use.
  • Review spend, usage and inventory levels to keep track of budgets.
  • Maintain visibility and control over critical processes to ensure compliance.

Speaking of compliance, we understand how important it is for medical device manufacturers to develop assets that adhere to brand and regulatory requirements, and the portal can help you achieve that. 

Uncomplicate Compliance

Compliance can delay speed to market for medical device marketers. Legal and regulatory reviews can take weeks, and constantly updating collateral with current regulatory information can be costly and difficult to manage. But corners can’t be cut when it comes to compliance. Failing to adhere to regulatory requirements can expose your business to the risk of liability.

The Jet Mail team will help you create pre-approved, compliant, and up-to-date templates that users can personalize with logos, names, text, images, and colors thanks to our variable data printing and imaging technology. You control what elements of the template can be modified. Key elements such as regulatory statements and brand guidelines can be applied as unmodifiable components of your design.

Additionally, the portal makes collateral updates simple and straightforward. For example, if new research has been conducted or regulatory statements have changed, you can immediately update assets in the portal and all orders going forward will immediately reflect those changes.

The portal isn’t just efficient when it comes to operations and compliance, the portal also arms your sales team with powerful tools to close more deals and grow the business.

Expedite Speed to Market in Competitive Sales Environments  

Response time can be the difference between winning or losing a deal, and It’s critical to arm your reps with powerful and personalized sales tools that get in front of prospects faster than the competition.

Behind the Jet Mail Marketing Portal is a state-of-the-art print shop, commercial mail house, fulfillment center, 80,000 square foot warehouse, and a team of experts who specialize in speed to market.

The Jet Mail team is well-versed in the importance of deploying product launch campaigns quickly once FDA approval comes in. We work closely with your team to prepare ready-to-ship launch kits for distribution to the field the moment clearance comes through. Pre-approved marketing materials can also go live in the portal once a device receives approval. From there, the field can personalize and print-on-demand or order pre-printed, pre-assembled items from inventory. Users can even ship orders directly to prospects to further expedite delivery.

Improve the Efficiency of Medical Device Marketing Operations with Jet Mail

Medical device marketing teams require a strategic partner that understands the business inside and out. At Jet Mail, we specialize in data-driven print, personalization, and speed-to-market–even when there are dozens of regulations and standards to comply with. We have the right team and technology to boost your brand and your bandwidth. Learn how we create customized solutions for medical device marketing teams by contacting us today.Jet_Mail_CTA_Banner_Med_Device


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