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Ed Kohler 06. 16. 2021

How Medical Device Marketers Can Improve Operational Efficiencies

In a world where increased regulation, remote teams and “doing more with less” is the ...
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Ed Kohler 05. 12. 2021

The Biggest Trend in Healthcare Marketing: Evolving from Product-Centric to Patient-Centric Strategies

Instead of promoting healthcare services to as many people as possible regardless of ...
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Ed Kohler 04. 23. 2021

How Marketing Portals Help Franchises to Maintain Consistent Branding

Let’s be real. Maintaining brand consistency is difficult. Adhering to brand guidelines ...
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Sean Connor 03. 17. 2021

How to Manage B2B Marketing Collateral (Even in a Remote Work Environment)

Did you know there is still one last Blockbuster Video store in operation today? If ...
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Sean Connor 03. 2. 2021

USPS Informed Delivery Explained

The USPS launched two exciting services with similar names back-to-back – Informed ...
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Ed Kohler 02. 23. 2021

3 Tips for Using Informed Delivery as Part of Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Looking for innovative and impactful tools that will give you an advantage over your ...
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Ed Kohler 01. 19. 2021

3 Ways We Support Your Personalized Direct Mail Envelope Needs

Did you know personalizing your direct mail applications in the form of copy and color ...
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Ed Kohler 12. 16. 2020

How to Use Print Marketing to Increase Sales

How to Increase Your In-Store and Online Traffic With Jet Mail Print Marketing In highly ...
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Ed Kohler 12. 8. 2020

How to Stay Ahead of Sudden Business Changes in 2021 - Jet Mail

Marketing Material Updates: How to Stay Ahead of Sudden Changes in 2021 In a perfect ...
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Ed Kohler 11. 11. 2020

How to Build a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Plan for 2021

When was the last time you checked your mailbox and received 121 letters? That’s the ...
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Ed Kohler 11. 3. 2020

Investing in the Best Print Technology for Quality and Speed

Fast, high-quality, or cost-efficient: which two would you pick for your next print job? ...
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Sean Connor 10. 29. 2020

Jet Mail’s Holiday Marketing Checklist

Now is the time to start planning your marketing campaigns for the most lucrative direct ...
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