Jet Mail Services can handle your complete end-to-end marketing production and fulfillment operations.
We connect all the elements of a successful brand management and print marketing strategy, from collateral development and production, to execution and distribution, onto a single web-based portal

The Marketing Resource Center
An All-in-One Solution For Managing Your Field Marketing and Distributed Sales Teams

Features Overview:

Simplify Your Marketing Fulfillment and Sales Support with The Marketing Resource Center.

Online Approval Workflows
Streamlined Review and Production Process

Our solution enables you to circulate order requests, proofs, and variable templates for approval without ever leaving the system, and overcomes the need to transfer files via email, FTP, or even physical delivery. With the online approval tool, managers can automate routing and notifications for collateral production and approval through cross-functional workflows. Users simply upload their artwork and variable data into their profiles or a specific order, and an instant proof is created from a pre-approved template and sent to reviewers to ensure the piece correctly adheres to brand guidelines and compliance policies.

With Web-to-Print integration for Variable Data Printing, we make it easy to combine your information (such as product data, contact records, or user profiles) with the corresponding advertising copy and images for use in marketing materials, like brochures, business cards, and direct mail campaigns. Print-on-Demand negates the need for pre-printing supplies in excess. The module includes the following features:

  • Access from the Web without Third-Party Software or Plugins
  • Print-on-Demand available with Web2Print Integration
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Embed Compliance Procedures and Style Guides
  • Event-Driven Email Notifications (e.g., New Orders & Approval Reminders)
  • Customizable Approval Routing
  • Role-Based User Settings and Deputization
  • Support for Most Images and Document Types
Maintain Control With Automated Approval Workflows for Templates, New Orders, Production Requests, and More!
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