The Automotive Marketing company supporting 4500 auto dealers required a partner who could effectively manage large volumes of data, heavy data-mining, and complex, personalized direct marketing production to drive urgency for time-sensitive consumer automotive incentive offers.

They needed a partner who could automate data processing for intricate campaign variables and provide effective campaign management to meet their clients’ marketing ROI goals.


Jet Mail’s proprietary data analytics platform enables auto dealers to provide specific relevant offers to target new car buyers and increase customer retention by leveraging customer segmentation.


An industry-leading Automotive Marketing Organization was experiencing rapid growth in supporting 4500 car dealerships nationwide in the highly competitive world of automotive acquisition marketing.


Jet Mail’s staff worked as an extension of the clients’ own company to design and automate a multi-faceted, complex campaign management solution. Jet Mail has enabled shorter time from data processing to direct mail received by consumers and the campaigns are driving increased response, conversions and auto sales.


In partnership with Jet Mail, the Automotive Marketing Organization is delivering doubledigit sales growth to dealers nationwide. Having the capabilities and resources to meet the client’s changing production needs and flexibility to adjust schedules is enabling faster time to market. Dealers in the program are improving brand recognition, customer retention, and auto sales.

"Jet Mail’s strategic partnership and expertise has enabled us to grow exponentially."

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