Outdoor living as a home improvement niche is an explosive business category. When a national pest control franchise needed an all-in-one solution for brand management, they contacted the experts at Jet Mail.

We’re a fast-growing franchise that focuses on the elimination of unwanted outdoor pests. Homeowners are investing tremendous sums of money in home improvements indoors, and, increasingly outdoors. Our mission is to ensure that they can use their new pool, patio, gazebo or deck throughout the entire year—without the troublesome nuisance of pests.

Franchisees are attracted to this lucrative business opportunity thanks to the low initial investment and top-tier marketing support from corporate.

As more and more locations opened across the country, it was critical for the franchise to maintain brand consistency at a nationwide scale. But maintaining brand consistency is hard enough for single-location businesses. For rapidly going franchises, the difficulty level is multiplied by the number of locations. 

Maintaining global brand compliance needs to be regulated at the corporate level, but regional marketing efforts require personalization and localization. This can be a major drain on corporate bandwidth. For example, if a franchise has 50 locations and each location has four marketing or design requests per month, that's 2,400 requests per year.


By partnering with Jet Mail, the franchise was able to support franchisees’ regional marketing efforts while maintaining brand consistency across all locations—without draining corporate resources.


The Jet Mail Marketing Portal centralized the franchise’s marketing assets in an easy-to-use, custom-built portal. Centralization allowed the franchise to effortlessly maintain complete control over the brand while giving users self-service access to personalize, order and distribute the materials they need. For example, franchisees can customize door hangers templates with their contact information and select corporate-approved discounts from a dropdown bar in the portal. They can not modify any of the colors, logos or corporate messaging. 

This was key to maintaining brand consistency throughout their nationwide locations. It allowed the franchise to provide powerful marketing tools developed by the corporate teams directly into the hands of the franchisees—without worrying about giving franchisees carte blanche over the company brand.

Through the portal, corporate teams retained centralized control over:

  • Who can access the portal. 
  • What marketing collateral each user can order. 
  • What content can and can’t be customized. 
  • Final sign-off on all customized assets through automated approval workflows.

Thanks to the portal’s efficient workflows and automation, the franchise is able to give its franchisees the freedom to tailor marketing assets for their business without pulling corporate into every design request.


The turnkey access to enterprise-level marketing tools provided through the portal allows franchisees to quickly and continuously expand their client base. Other efficiencies franchisees gain include:

  • Saves time and resources that would be spent on messaging, design or branding.
  • Allows franchisees to focus on essential revenue-generating pest control operations and customer service. 
  • Enables franchisees to order small quantities of marketing materials at bulk-size discounts.

Additionally, the portal’s robust reporting features provide the franchise with insights on trends and usage to help optimize future collateral development.

The partnership with Jet Mail had additional benefits for franchisees. Behind the portal is a state-of-the-art print shop, commercial mail house, fulfillment center, 80,000 square foot warehouse and in-house USPS facility. This means that as a one-stop shop for marketing fulfillment, Jet Mail can offer same-day fulfillment when a franchisee places an order through the portal. This is important when speed to market is a factor, especially when seasonal factors must be addressed quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

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