On a Friday night shortly before 7:00pm, Jet Mail received a call from an existing Pharmaceutical client, requesting 10,000 informational booklets, along with an accompanying letter, be printed and delivered to patients by the following Monday morning. 

Final files were being reviewed by their legal team and upon approval needed to get into the mail to meet this improbable deadline.


A public pharmaceutical company located in the greater Boston area that focuses on drug development and therapies for those struggling with cancer reached out to Jet Mail with a tight deadline. 


An existing Pharmaceutical fulfillment client was required by the FDA to notify in excess of 10,000 patients of a new adverse reaction to one of their drugs. Late on a Friday evening the legal team informed operations that a letter of notification, along with an updated 28 page product booklet had to be printed and shipped, to arrive on Monday morning.


Jet Mail was able to quickly pivot and address the client’s immediate need utilizing its capacity and flexibility. Within an hour of the call, Jet Mail implemented second and third shift staffing on it’s fleet of digital presses to successfully produce and overnight ship 10,000 booklets. Over 60,000 pages were printed, bound, kitted and inserted to meet the legal deadline. The project was perfectly executed meeting all delivery and compliance requirements enabling the client to notify patients immediately and manage the client service response.


As a result of Jet Mail’s flexibility and ability to handle an urgent project, this Pharmaceutical company met all regulatory obligations, avoiding fines and legal issues. Beyond these results, patients using the drug were informed of a possible adverse side effect and were able to take appropriate precautions.

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