Consumers are bombarded with digital content and see an average of 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. Manufacturers, specifically in the building material industry, are uniquely positioned to rise above the digital noise and increase conversions by providing something tangible to potential customers: product samples. 

When one of the nation's top roofing manufacturers needed an all-in-one solution for a fast, accurate and efficient sample order program, they contacted the marketing fulfillment experts at Jet Mail.


With a long-established reputation for providing the highest quality roofing products on the market, the roofing manufacturer wanted to implement a well-orchestrated sample order program to build brand awareness and generate more homeowner conversions on their website. Since a product sample is usually the first hands-on engagement potential customers have with their brand, it was critical to make a first impression that matched the manufacturer's reputation for excellence. 

However, the resources, time, technology, and infrastructure required to execute a seamless sample order fulfillment program presented a number of challenges for their marketing, operations and warehouse teams.


By partnering with Jet Mail, the roofing manufacturer easily implemented a seamless sample order program that grew brand awareness and increased homeowner leads


Jet Mail worked closely with the manufacturer to create a custom solution for a seamless sample order fulfillment program that ensured a positive first impression indicative of a high-quality brand such as theirs. This required the following components: 

  •  A streamlined, efficient and fast process in place for sample order fulfillment. 
  • Inventory management controls to guarantee that ready-to-ship samples are always in stock. 
  • Professional assembly and packaging that showcased the top-tier product quality and customer service the brand was known for.

There was no room for error in the manufacturer's sample order program. Not only because of their 60-year reputation for top-quality products and customer service, but because failing to properly execute on speed, inventory management and presentation can immediately disqualify any business from consideration in the mind of the consumer. Here's why:

  • Response rates can fall by as much as 90% if a sample order isn't received within a week of submitting the request.
  • Out-of-stock samples or incorrect samples frustrate potential customers and can make for a poor first impression, or worse, cause them to move on to a competitor. 

  • Even if a sample is delivered quickly and accurately, merely throwing a sample in a box and slapping on a label is a missed opportunity to impress, educate and create a memorable connection with potential customers.

By plugging a comprehensive sample order fulfillment hub directly into their existing processes, Jet Mail provided the manufacturer with turnkey access to:

  • High-speed digital and on-demand printing for marketing collateral production. 
  • Commercial mail and an on-site USPS facility for expedited delivery times. 
  • Comprehensive inventory management to ensure ready-to-ship items are always in stock. 
  • Full-service fulfillment center for professional assembly and packaging. 
  • Same-day fulfillment from our 80,000 square foot warehouse for same-day order fulfillment.

This enabled the manufacturer to easily implement, manage and execute a seamless sample order fulfillment program that increased homeowner leads by 65%.

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