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10 Print Marketing Materials to Include in E-Commerce Shipments

10 Print Marketing Materials to Include in E-Commerce Shipments

Whether you want to educate customers about the products they just purchased or encourage repeat business, a thoughtful marketing insert in e-commerce shipments goes a long way.

Marketing inserts in e-commerce shipments offer a unique (and lucrative) opportunity to connect with customers, which is essential considering online retailers don’t always have a physical storefront. Thoughtful and strategic inserts allow your brand to showcase its personality and create an emotional connection that keeps customers coming back for more.

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to turn e-commerce shipments into a celebration of your customers and your brand. To help set you up for success, here are our top 10 print marketing inserts to include in e-commerce shipments, including:

E-Commerce Marketing Inserts That Show Your Business Cares

Opening a package with a thoughtful thank you note, special offer or free gift will make customers feel like they've discovered a hidden gem–and they'll be eager to share their experience with friends and family.

Here are our top three e-commerce marketing inserts that delight customers and show your business cares.

Thank You Note

There’s so much power in a simple thank you. A short note, such as “Thank you for supporting our family-run business!” can easily be included in shipments as a postcard. Add a little something extra to your thank you notes by mentioning an upcoming event or promotion to establish an ongoing connection with customers.

Postcard with Coupon Code

This classic insert has been around for a long time, and for good reason: it works. You could even combine your thank you note with a coupon code that customers can use towards their next purchase. Be sure to use a unique QR code or discount code for these postcards to track usage and ROI. If you want to have a little fun, use discount codes with creative or even silly names that reflect your brand's personality.  

Free Gift

Not to be confused with a product sample, a free gift is a full-size product that you include as a thank you. Feel free to include promotional products or a product that isn’t moving or has been discontinued–as long as it’s high quality and relevant. A free gift can be as simple as something like a collection of branded stickers or a branded coloring book for the kiddos. 

E-Commerce Marketing Inserts that Inform and Educate 

You know your products inside and out, but your customers may not. Don’t assume that your customers know how (or the best way) to use your product. Ensure their satisfaction with information that sets them up for success with your products.

Here are our top three e-commerce marketing inserts that inform and educate customers.

Instructions and Tips

A postcard or one-pager with instructions or tips is incredibly helpful–especially for beauty products and subscription boxes. Be sure to make the information easy to digest by incorporating icons and illustrations that visually represent each step or tip.

Ingredients and Information

If you sell anything that goes into a body, either by absorption (like makeup and skincare) or ingestion (nutraceuticals and supplements), include a list of ingredients and possible side effects. This is an opportunity to mitigate any common issues that customers may have with your products and reduce negative reviews from customers that didn’t know how to properly use or assemble the product.


You don’t have to sell food products to include recipes! If you sell any products related to cooking or dining (housewares, linens, nutraceuticals, etc.), share a favorite family recipe. Bonus points if it’s seasonal and includes a story about why this recipe is so special. 

E-Commerce Marketing Inserts That Incentivize Repeat Business

Marketing inserts give your brand the chance to showcase its personality and create an emotional connection that will have customers coming back for more.

Here are our top four tips for e-commerce marketing inserts that incentivize repeat business.

Product Catalog

Adding a product catalog or well-designed brochure to shipments is an easy way to showcase your other product offerings. The best part about catalogs or brochures? They’re tangible and won’t get lost in an inbox. Customers frequently hold on to well-designed and informative marketing collateral for future reference or to share with friends and family.  


Show off new or complementary products by including free samples with each order. For example, if someone orders a new lipstick, include a lip gloss or lip treatment sample to showcase your other offerings. If possible, include a small card or booklet that tells the story behind the samples or the inspiration for the products. Adding small items is an easy way to delight customers and encourage future purchases.

Sneak Peek at New Products

Provide a sneak peek at something new to keep customers feeling connected and “in the know.” Try surprising your customers by occasionally including a "wild card" recommendation that's a bit out of the box to add an element of intrigue and communicate the full breadth of your product offerings.

Social Engagement

Include a postcard that encourages customers to follow and engage with your brand on social media. One of the easiest ways to do this is by asking customers to post a photo with (or of) the product and tag your business. Up the ante by entering each customer submission into a monthly drawing for a gift card (this is an easy and effective way to generate more positive reviews, too). 

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