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Kitting Services: Professionally Packaged Collateral for Prospects

Kitting Services: Professionally Packaged Collateral for Prospects

What does a plain white envelope say about your brand compared to a thoughtfully assembled and professionally packaged kit? Well, it speaks volumes.


Which of these brands would you remember?

If you want to stand out and make a lasting impression with prospects, you’ll want to step up how you package and ship marketing materials and branded assets.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you create an assembly line of employees to stuff folders and package marketing collateral in the ole’ empty conference room. There’s a faster and more efficient way to tackle this: marketing collateral kitting services.

What is a Marketing Collateral Kitting Service?

Marketing collateral kitting is the assembly and packaging of collateral such as brochures, flyers, specification sheets, business cards, promotional products, samples and other branded assets.

Kits can take many forms and include a countless array of marketing materials and use cases, such as:

Frequently Kitted Marketing Collateral

  • Printed Collateral: Flyers, booklets, guides, brochures, postcards and business cards.
  • Promotional Items: Pens, stickers, tote bags, golf balls, shirts and swag.
  • Product Samples: Color swatches, material samples and trial-size products.
  • Training Materials: Corporate overview folder, HR booklets and product training guides.

Use Cases

  • Sales Enablement: Arm sales reps with customized corporate overview kits for meetings with prospects. Kits typically include brochures, product flyers and a specification sheet assembled in a branded folder with a business card inserted.
  • Events: Ahead of a big event, like a tradeshow or conference, pre-kit hundreds or thousands of information packs. Kits typically include a branded tote, company literature and branded promotional products.
  • Welcome Kits: Welcome new franchise owners with starter kits to set them up for success. Kits typically include brochures, flyers, apparel, POS signage, a corporate overview booklet and training guides.
  • Product Launch Kit: Build internal awareness and excitement about upcoming product launches. Kits typically include a letter from the CEO, product information, training guides, a launch countdown calendar and promotional items.

Why is a Marketing Collateral Kitting Service Important to Marketers?

While the definition of kitting is simple, the process can be time-consuming and resource-draining when handled in-house. Kitting requires seamless orchestration, precise inventory management and fast turnaround times. Out-of-stock items and delays can make for a poor impression of your business that cause prospects to look elsewhere.

By handing the collateral kitting process over to an experienced marketing fulfillment partner, businesses deliver professionally crafted marketing kits without sacrificing time, bandwidth or resources. No longer do you have to sift through dozens of unorganized boxes in the “marketing closet,” and then spend additional time assembling, packaging, labeling and shipping those materials.

Other benefits of partnering with a marketing collateral kitting service include:

Marketing materials get in the hands of interested customers faster.

Getting in front of customers first can set your business apart and propel sales numbers skyward. Fast production and distribution times are critical when it comes to keeping your brand top-of-mind and staying ahead of the competition. A kitting service can expedite delivery times by:

  • Ensuring ready-to-ship materials are always in stock.
  • Processing orders for same-day fulfillment.
  • Sending marketing assets directly to prospects.

Maintaining consistent branding across marketing and sales collateral.

A collateral kitting service ensures that marketing materials and branded assets are printed, assembled and packaged exactly as specified. Often, collateral kits are one of, if not, the first hands-on experience prospects will have with your brand. This critical first impression can create a long-lasting connection that keeps your brand top of mind and sets your business apart from the crowd. When kitting is handled by a single, centralized source, marketers can rest assured knowing that every kit presents a consistent, cohesive experience with your brand.

Customized print management solutions.

Businesses no longer need to print in bulk and hope collateral stays relevant long enough to justify the printing cost. A marketing collateral kitting service will monitor inventory and provide proactive recommendations on print quantities to ensure just the right amount of ready-to-ship collateral is always in stock and ready for same-day fulfillment. But what amount is “just the right amount?” A kitting service will analyze historical data and monitor current usage reports to determine the ideal inventory level for your business, guaranteeing that you’ll never have too much or too little inventory on the shelf. A professional kitting service also has the flexibility to pre-assemble kits for tradeshows and events, or assemble on-demand, which is great for smaller batches and personalized kits.

Marketing Collateral Kitting with Jet Mail 

As a commercial mail house, state-of-the-art print shop and fulfillment center, Jet Mail can print, store and manage all of your marketing collateral, product samples, promotional items and trade show materials in our secure, on-site, 80,000 square foot warehouse. Since all of our services are under one roof, we’re able to fulfill orders the same day they come in and ship directly from our on-site USPS facility.

Since 1993, Jet Mail has created customized marketing fulfillment solutions for businesses looking to wow prospective customers. Contact us today to learn how we can create the perfect solution for you.


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