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6 Tips for Using Informed Delivery With Direct Mail

6 Tips for Using Informed Delivery With Direct Mail

Looking for an innovative marketing tactic that will amplify your direct mail marketing strategy and boost ROI? Look no further than Informed Delivery.

Launched by USPS in 2017, Informed Delivery creates the perfect bridge between digital and direct mail marketing by giving residential consumers a sneak peek of what’s coming in the mail before it’s been physically delivered.

Recipients can preview incoming mail in the “Daily Digest” email sent by USPS every day that mail is delivered. They can also check for incoming mail by using the Informed Delivery Dashboard or the Informed Delivery Mobile App.

A standard notification includes a black and white image of the mail for consumers to view.


The USPS saw the marketing potential of Informed Delivery and developed a feature to give businesses the ability to pair direct mailings with digital campaigns.

Businesses can replace the standard, black and white scanned image of their direct mail campaigns with full-color banner ads, images and links, also known as ride-along content. They can even send videos to generate excitement about new products, services or initiatives.


Today, more than 20 million consumers have registered for the program and Informed Delivery emails have a 68% open rate, topping virtually all industry open rate averages by a vast amount–as much as 2.5 times.

Sky-high open rates aren’t the only benefit for businesses who leverage the unique marketing opportunities that Informed Delivery provides. Other perks include the ability to:

  • Track open and click-through rates for comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Set up a pre-campaign analysis report to see how many recipients participate in Informed Delivery.
  • Engage with recipients before the mail is physically delivered since 70% of user email opens take place in the morning.

Clearly, Informed Delivery is a huge boon to direct mail marketers, but awareness is growing, so now is the time to take advantage of this unsaturated marketing channel before your competitors do.


Ready to get started with Informed Delivery? Here are our top tips to ensure the best results possible.

6 Tips for a Successful Informed Delivery Campaign

1. Use Web Analytics  to Track Your Success

One of the most compelling reasons to use Informed Delivery is the wealth of data you can mine from it. Businesses can use the data to inform future marketing efforts. What did and didn’t work? Evaluating this information will help you create better consumer experiences over time.

First, be sure to give each included link its own unique URL and landing page. This makes it easier to track results. Then, calculate impressions, time on page, page navigation activity, conversions, and the like to get a clear picture of your campaign’s efficacy. The information is so granular that it makes it a breeze to do A/B testing and other marketing assessments to find the perfect method for your business.

2. Use Informed Delivery to Bolster Your Social Media Presence

That extra content you can include with every Informed Delivery campaign is an ideal way to grow your social media presence. Not every campaign has to send consumers directly to a landing page. Tease your social media platforms, too.

3. Don’t Forget About the Video Feature

Remember, you can link to videos in your Informed Delivery emails to customers. A video can trigger emotions and desires that words can’t. So, take advantage of this low-hanging fruit when you plan your campaigns.

4. Take Advantage of USPS Incentives

The USPS is making it easier than ever to show how Informed Delivery can benefit direct mail campaigns. From August 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022, businesses can receive 4% off the cost of postage for Informed Delivery campaigns.

The registration period starts on June 15 and goes through the end of the year. What kind of mail is eligible?

  • First-Class Mail automation letters, postcards and flats.
  • USPS Marketing Mail automation letters and flats.
  • Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail automation letters and flats.

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5. Include Clear and Engaging CTA’s

In addition to the banner ads, images, and links, make sure to include clear CTA’s in the copy of your mail preview. This will entice consumers to click through to learn more about the presented offer. Use strong verbs that provoke emotion, enthusiasm and urgency. Some examples include:

  • Sign up for free!
  • Buy one, get one 50% off!
  • Claim your free assessment!

6. Deliver Consistent Messaging Across Campaigns

When running a multi-channel campaign like this, make sure the content of your mail piece, banner ad, and landing page are cohesive and appropriate for each respective channel. Your mail piece should promote the offer, the banner ad should prompt action, and the landing page should encourage a conversion. When sending different offers to different locations, technology like variable data printing allows you to use a unique QR code or personalized URL (example: to track how many recipients took action from the mail piece. Compare the performance of the mailpiece with the performance of your banner ad to see what was more effective.

Take Advantage of Informed Delivery with Jet Mail

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