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Sean Connor 2/23/21 4:52 PM

3 Tips for Using Informed Delivery as Part of Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

3 Tips for Using Informed Delivery as Part of Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Looking for innovative and impactful tools that will give you an advantage over your competitors for minimal cost? Look no further than Informed Delivery.

The underutilized service from USPS is the easiest way to amplify your direct mail marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

Launched in 2017, Informed Delivery gives consumers a digital sneak peek of the mail that will be delivered that day. The preview of their incoming mail can be accessed via the app, daily email notifications, or the USPS online dashboard.

A standard notification includes a black and white image of the mail or package for consumers to view.


The USPS saw the marketing potential of this offer– and developed a feature to give businesses the ability to pair direct mailings with digital campaigns. Businesses can replace the scanned image of their mail with full-color banner ads, images, and links, also known as ride-along content.


Today, more than 20 million consumers have registered for the program and Informed Delivery emails have a 68% open rate.

Awareness is growing, so be sure to take advantage of this untapped marketing channel before your competitors do.

Ready to see the results of your direct mail campaign soar? We are too. Jet Mail team members are experts in integrated marketing strategies like this and we’ve put together our top tips for using Informed Delivery in your next direct mail campaign.

What are some tips when deploying an Informed Delivery Campaign?

1. Include Clear and Engaging CTA's

In addition to the banner ads, images, and links, make sure to include clear CTA’s in the copy of your mail preview. This will entice consumers to click through to learn more about the presented offer.

Tip: Use strong verbs that provoke emotion and enthusiasm. Some examples include:

  • Sign up for free!
  • Buy one, get one 50% off!
  • Claim your free trial!

These types of CTA’s will create urgency.

2. Deliver Consistent Messaging Across Channels

To increase your chances for conversion, take advantage of banner ads, images, and links. This clickable content appears in the daily preview sent by USPS to expand on your offer.

With each new touchpoint, make sure to deliver consistent messaging across campaigns.
Finding an end-to-end marketing fulfillment partner can help you achieve this by ensuring consistency across channels.

Tip: When running a multi-channel campaign like this, make sure the contents of your mail piece, banner ad, and landing page are cohesive and appropriate for each respective channel. Your mail piece should promote the offer, the banner ad should prompt an action, and the landing page should encourage a conversion. When sending different offers to different locations, Jet Mail's technology like variable data printing allows you to use a unique QR code or personalized URL (purl) to track how many recipients took action from the mail piece. Afterwards, compare the performance of the mail piece with the performance of your banner ad to see what was more effective.

3. Measure Results with Consumer Data

As mentioned above, Informed Delivery shares consumer data with businesses and Jet Mail’s proprietary software syncs directly with your direct mail campaigns to provide end-to-end reports in real-time, so you can make adjustments on the fly.

Data insights include:

  • How many people will receive your mail.
  • How many people opened the Informed Delivery email.
  • How many people clicked on your banner ad.

Outside of that, businesses can look into landing page activity to evaluate the results of the campaign.

Tip: Use this data to inform future marketing efforts. What did and didn’t work? Evaluating this information will help you create better consumer experiences over time.

Take Advantage of Informed Delivery to Strengthen Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy Today

Informed Delivery emails have a 68% open rate. By not utilizing the Informed Delivery program with your direct mail campaign, you’re missing out on new business.

Jet Mail team members are experts in integrated marketing strategies like this, and are here to help you add Informed Delivery to your next direct mail campaign. Need help with other parts of your integrated marketing strategy? We can help with that too. Get to market faster by consolidating all your printing, packaging, mailing, and fulfillment needs under one roof. We specialize in creating custom solutions that help achieve your unique business goals. Contact us today and let’s take your direct mail marketing strategy to the next level.


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