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3 Ways We Support Your Personalized Direct Mail Envelope Needs

3 Ways We Support Your Personalized Direct Mail Envelope Needs

Did you know personalizing your direct mail applications in the form of copy and color can increase response rates up to 135%? With variable data printing, you can create highly personalized advertising assets that land in your customer's mailbox to promote your brand with ease. What's more, you can even customize your marketing collateral to offer an immediate introduction to your brand.

At Jet Mail, we stay ahead of our competitors by providing our customers with custom digital envelope printing capabilities that elevate direct mail marketing campaigns at jet speed. 

To learn how this offering helps you promote your brand, optimize delivery, and increase savings, continue reading to learn more.

1. Personalized Envelopes Promoting Your Brand

Have you ever wanted to increase brand visibility beyond your custom marketing collateral? With our in-line variable data printing, you can fully personalize a #10 envelope, or print 4 inches worth of a logo, address, and unique tagline on a 6x9 with our inserting process to save time and money.

Designs options for personalization include: 

  • Dynamic logos. 
  • One-to-one taglines or offers. 
  • Co-branding with partner companies. 
  • Co-mailing for franchises.

This is beneficial for businesses with multiple locations where flexibility in design is key. Take dealerships and franchises, for example. Some send promotional mailings with various return addresses. Others send offers to specific groups of organizations with different logos and brand messages.

Instead of submitting multiple print orders for these audiences, businesses can now send one by using Jet Mail. This allows us to offer unparalleled options for consolidation and personalization of direct mailings with 100% accuracy.

In fact, Jet Mail just completed a project for a new client with 295,000 pieces and 500 different logos sporadically throughout a run at full precision. In addition to managing the accuracy for this complex project, Jet Mail saved this new client over $21,000.00 in just this one project by reducing envelope lot charges and postage discounts by consolidating the versions.

This gives Jet Mail customers an edge by streamlining the design process while using a nimble printing solution for sending individualized envelopes, making the design options endless for our customers. Additionally, the savings you get from producing larger data sets through postal optimization also make us an excellent solution for any one-to-one individualized marketing campaign.

2. Optimized Delivery for Faster Turnaround Times

If you need personalized envelopes to support your marketing collateral quickly, Jet Mail is here when you need us. Our facility is equipped to handle mid-to-high volume print jobs at speeds quicker than our competitors without compromising quality or customization options.

Beyond personalized designs, we can process anywhere between 8,000 and 12,000 envelopes per hour while inserting in-line while utilizing read and print applications in our production process. Additionally, our perfect match tracking system ensures 100% accuracy to manage complex compliance requirements.

Additionally, our system turns two steps into one, meaning you get your envelopes and mailings quicker without having to affect print count or quality.

3. Increased Savings with Variable Data Printing 

Finally, our customers can use variable data capability to quickly print only the amount they need, when they need it. That way, if brand logos and designs change, you don’t have to worry about overspending on mailings. This translates to immediate savings for our customers.

Plus, your project is optimized for postal savings since we’re able to streamline orders from order to delivery.

Our Marketing Portal allows you to manage all of your print, marketing fulfillment, and shipping needs from one, easy-to-use online portal, so you don’t have to use multiple vendors. 

Who Can Benefit from Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing is perfect for businesses looking for a fast solution for mid-to-large scale personalized envelope printing. Our customers use it for everything from producing co-branded mailers between 401k advisors and their partners to medical device marketing. It’s also a great printing solution for those in the following industries:

  • Medical or healthcare. 
  • Real estate brokers. 
  • Schools or universities. 
  • Car dealerships. 
  • Marketing and advertising agencies. 
  • Partnerships. 

Easily Personalize Your Direct Mail Marketing with Jet Mail

No matter your needs, Jet Mail can help your business personalize its direct mail campaigns with variable data printing. For questions about our services, contact our team for more information.


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