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How Marketing Portals Help Franchises to Maintain Consistent Branding

How Marketing Portals Help Franchises to Maintain Consistent Branding

Let’s be real. Maintaining brand consistency is difficult.

Adhering to brand guidelines is hard enough for single-location businesses. For franchises, the difficulty level is multiplied by the number of locations.

Maintaining global brand compliance needs to be regulated at the corporate level, but regional marketing efforts require personalization and localization. This can be a major drain on corporate bandwidth. For example, if a franchise has 50 locations and each location has four marketing or design requests per month, that's 2,400 requests per year.

So, how do franchises maintain brand consistency and support franchisees’ regional marketing efforts without draining corporate resources?

Brand Management Made Easy

Similar to an online storefront, the Jet Mail Marketing Portal gives franchisees self-service access to customize pre-approved templates with information relevant to their local market. Corporate marketing teams control who can access the portal, what each user can order, how much they can order, and what can and can’t be customized.

The portal allows you to build your processes into the system and customize settings to meet the needs of your brand and business, including:

  • Embed compliance procedures and style guide rules to templates.
  • Automate approval routing to require corporate sign off prior to printing.
  • Receive event-driven email notifications.
  • Apply role-based user settings and deputization.

Essentially, the portal offers control without franchisees feeling controlled.

Complete Visibility of Your Entire Marketing Program

The Jet Mail Marketing Portal safeguards more than just your brand. Robust reporting and management tools provide complete visibility of your entire marketing program to ensure your budget stays on track.

The customizable user interface allows managers to have complete oversight of all activities, resources, and budgets. Built-in and custom-tailored reporting tools provide filtering, mining, and sorting functionalities and real-time inventory data make it easy to see what’s in stock, who is ordering what, and how much is being spent. You can even assign budgets and order limits for each franchisee location.

Empower Franchisees with Fast, Targeted, and Effective Marketing Tools 

The MVPs of your franchise are the franchisees and it’s critical to quickly provide them with the marketing support they need. But adapting to today’s dynamic business environment can be challenging. Market changes, consumer behavior, and pandemic-related restrictions are in a state of constant change. Failure to adapt to these changes quickly could result in missed business opportunities.

The Jet Mail Marketing Portal’s 24/7 self-service access gives franchisees the ability to adjust messaging, communicate changes in policy, or pivot strategy immediately, including:

  • Adjusting flyers to reflect that a restaurant is now open for indoor dining.
  • Communicating new store hours and promotions in direct mail postcards.
  • Promoting a special for home repair after a regional weather event.

Delivering targeted marketing materials into the hands of interested customers keeps your franchisees, and your franchise, ahead of the competition.

Simplify Brand Management with the Jet Mail Marketing Portal 

Ready to help franchisees market to their local audience without worrying about corporate brand, budget, or bandwidth? The Jet Mail Marketing Portal and the team of marketing fulfillment experts behind the portal are here to help you simplify the creation, management and distribution of your franchise’s marketing materials. Contact our experts today and let us create a customized solution for your franchise!



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