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How to Get Your Message In Front of Customers First in 2021

How to Get Your Message In Front of Customers First in 2021

Getting your message to rise above the noise in 2021 is not easy. And getting your message in front of customers first is even harder.

The sheer number of communication channels is dizzying and competition is fierce. The recipe to get your message heard and, more importantly, heard first, requires two key ingredients: personalization and speed.

This recipe is applicable to a wide variety of marketing initiatives, including:

  • New product or service launches.
  • Adapting quickly to seize opportunities before the competition.
  • Sharing news, studies, insights, trends or information.

While this recipe is simple, it’s not necessarily easy to execute without the proper infrastructure, technology and resources in place. Additionally, you’ll need an advanced personalization strategy in place to orchestrate communications that convert, plus a rock-solid plan for adapting quickly to change.

At Jet Mail, we specialize in personalization, speed to market, and data-driven print strategies that help businesses stay ahead of the curve in crowded and dynamic environments. Continue reading for our top tips and solutions for rising above the noise in 2021.

1. Implement an Advanced Personalization Strategy

Implementing an advanced personalization strategy is one of the best tips we can share when it comes to being heard in 2021. In fact, 93% of businesses saw an increase in revenue when they focused on an advanced personalization strategy

The good news is that you already have the most important component of an advanced personalization strategy: customer data.

And Jet Mail already has the technology, infrastructure and team of experts to execute the strategy.

By combining your data with our capabilities, you’ll have personalized, ready-to-launch marketing collateral prepared for every interaction that your business has with prospects and customers. And fast, too.

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Customer data from your CRM can be used to personalize things like names, logos, images and messages. For example, a car dealership can personalize flyers with the customer's name, vehicle information, images of their vehicle, mileage information, service reminders and other personalized recommendations.

This is possible thanks to our advanced data processing and variable data printing tech that allow us to personalize every printed piece in a single print run. In other words, it takes us the same time to print 10,000 personalized pieces as it does to print 10,000 static pieces.

Since personalized direct mail campaigns see 300% higher engagement rates than non-personalized ones, leveraging this technology is critical to the success of your direct mail and integrated marketing strategies.

Quick Tips: 

  • Be sure to add personalized QR codes or personalized URLs to all direct mail campaigns to measure engagement and ROI as part of your integrated marketing strategy.
  • Double the touchpoints by amplifying direct mail campaigns with a digital component via Informed Delivery.

But we promised to help prepare for every interaction that your business has with prospects and customers, not just large-scale print campaigns. Let’s talk about the importance of a strategy around individual interactions, as well as how to manage and execute on this strategy.

2. Personalize Every Interaction with Prospects and Customers

Since no business has a one-size-fits-all audience, it’s critical to have a strategy in place to speak to the unique needs of the individual prospect or customer. And this strategy should be adopted by more than just marketing teams. In fact, every member of the organization should be involved, including affiliate businesses or partners.

For example, sales reps frequently have last-minute design requests for presentations, meetings and events. Since response time can be the difference between winning or losing a deal, it’s important to arm reps with personalized tools that speak directly to the individual pain points of their prospects.

The need to personalize and quickly engage prospects exists beyond just the sales department. Multi-location businesses, franchises, distributors and other partners need to speak directly to the unique needs of their local markets and be ready to seize windows of opportunities when they arise.

But it’s not realistic to task marketing teams with constantly creating new assets for every sales rep and / or local market. This would mean thousands of requests per week for some marketing teams.

This is why we created the Jet Mail Marketing Portal.

The portal makes it easy for sales reps (and affiliate partners like distributors) to create, order and distribute personalized marketing materials for every interaction.

For example, medical sales reps can send a personalized letter with relevant product information directly to physicians in their territory announcing a new product launch and how it improves outcomes for their local health population. Utilizing custom-built and pre-approved templates in the portal, things like names, logos and images can be personalized to grab the attention of the physician. Pre-written and pre-approved copy can be selected from a drop-down menu to specifically address the unique pain points of the prospect. In addition to product launches, marketing materials can be customized for interactions such as:

  • Follow-up letters after an introductory sales meeting.
  • Updating seasonal or promotional offers that resonate with a local audience.
  • Personalizing event flyers, like a “Lunch and Learn” session hosted by a dealer.

And don’t worry, we know that marketing teams can’t just hand off the creation of marketing materials to other departments or businesses. The portal’s admin settings can be adjusted to give you complete control over who, what, when, where and how materials are customized. Automated approval routing ensures all assets are vetted by marketing while speeding up the traditional approval process and maintaining brand consistency.

Speaking of speed, let’s talk about our top tips for expediting speed to market and how to seize windows of opportunity as soon as they arise–and before the competition.

3. Adapt to Change Quickly

Agility is a must in order to have your message heard first, so it’s important to prepare for change in the dynamic (and often unpredictable) business environment of 2021.

This is why we created a hybrid print management solution that capitalizes on the speed of on-demand printing and the flexibility of a just-in-time printing model.

To illustrate this, think of when a company launches a new product. This new offering will impact existing marketing assets (like corporate brochures or product overview sales sheets) and will need to be updated to reflect the newly introduced product.

New product or service offerings are, generally speaking, predictable and easy to plan for, but what about scenarios that can’t be planned, like:

  • Pricing spikes or dips due to unforeseen supply chain issues.
  • Regulatory or policy changes.
  • Changes in consumer behavior that require a shift in messaging or positioning.
  • Opportunities that come from unforeseen business, weather or political events.

But what if you just printed 20,000 corporate brochures last month? All of those brochures are now obsolete and will need to be reprinted.

Change can cause substantial delays and missed opportunities if marketing assets need to be updated. Additionally, the cost of destroying obsolete collateral and reprinting can force delays due to budget limitations.

Our printing management model solutions ensure that just the right amount of ready-to-ship collateral is always in stock and ready for same-day processing. This is ideal for static materials like corporate brochures or pricing sheets that can be pre-printed and stored on the shelf of our on-site 80,000 square foot warehouse.

But what does “just the right amount” actually mean?

It means you don’t have to print 20,000 corporate brochures and risk throwing them away and having to reprint them with updated information should change occur.

We print a small amount of collateral (just enough to ensure items are always in stock) and monitor usage reports and historical data to ensure you never run out of inventory, but also ensure that you don’t print too much. When the stock runs low, our automated shelf top-off technology will notify you that it’s time to reprint.

For example, we’ll print and store 100 corporate brochures on our shelf and ship them out when you send us your order or when an order is placed through the portal. When inventory reaches 25 brochures, we’ll automatically send an email to you to approve a reprint to replenish the stock back up to 100.

Should change occur, just send us an updated file (or we can update the file for you) and we’ll either wait until the current stock of brochures are depleted, or we can pull them from the shelf and immediately replace them with the updated brochure.

Get your Message in Front of Customers First With Jet Mail

Whether you’re deploying a large-scale direct mail campaign or a sales rep needs to send customized content to a prospect, your advanced personalization strategy will be executed quickly and seamlessly with Jet Mail.

With end-to-end marketing fulfillment services under one roof, including our in-house USPS facility and global distribution network, your business can deliver personalized content to interested customers at jet speed. When you’re ready to get started, contact us today to take your marketing and sales collateral up a notch.



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