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How Jet Mail Supports Local Elementary Schools With Paper Supplies

How Jet Mail Supports Local Elementary Schools With Paper Supplies


Around the country, paper supplies are a luxury that many classrooms go without. A few months into the school year, teachers are presented with a small paper bag of limited, mismatched school supplies and are told to "make do." Often, they must purchase the supplies needed to run the classroom out of their own paychecks. In fact, according to new research released by the National School Supply and Equipment Association, public school teachers in the United States had spent more than $1.33 billion out of pocket on school supplies in 2010.

In simplest terms, when they don't have the money, teachers must choose between giving their students an inferior education and taking more drastic measures. A little spare paper goes a long way. . .

Kids deserve better than that.

At Jet Mail Services, we believe that kids deserve to have access to the school supplies needed to learn. They should be surrounded by good books, convenient supplies and the materials necessary to conduct projects and experiments.

That’s why we’re doing our part to help kids have a better education by donating extra paper supplies to classrooms in need. Believe it or not, teacher's paper supplies are often rationed.

Inside our state-of-the-art digital pressroom, we have recently added a battery of Konica Minolta’s next-generation digital presses, including three bizhub ® PRESS C8000 Color Digital Presses, four PRO® C6500 Systems, and a bizhub PRO® 1200. Our powerful equipment has allowed us to add variable data printing to our portfolio of services and improved overall productivity with enhanced fire power and redundancy.

However, all good things come at a cost.

Digital_PressroomSince our digital equipment fires off well over 100,000 pieces daily, we’re left with an incredibly large heap of calibration sheets—well over 300 pieces per day. That’s over 9,000 spare sheets of paper each month!

In an effort to remain true to our core values, Jet Mail has recently partnered with Reeds Ferry Elementary School in Merrimack, New Hampshire as one of our select donation recipients. With an abundant source of paper supplies, Jet Mail is proud to support schoolchildren in their scholastic endeavors, from finger-painting to learning how to read and write and everything in between.

We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused, environmentally-conscious, and community-oriented company providing turnkey solutions in print, mail, and e-commerce fulfillment services. We’re always looking for new opportunities to help our friends and family.

It's easy to donate school supplies. In just a couple hours, you too can make a difference and will probably even find donate-able school supplies sitting unused in your own home.

For more information on our initiatives, feel free to contact us directly. 


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