Monica Clabaugh 5/28/19 5:25 PM

Handwritten Notes Make a Difference In Business

Handwritten Notes Make a Difference In Business

In today’s digital age, the art of the handwritten note  has been rediscovered by businesses to show appreciation to their customers. A handwritten note is an effective way to generate repeat happy customers and build brand loyalty. This became relevant to me when the CEO of my company told me he received a handwritten note from an airline right before the plane landed.

Ed came into the meeting with a big smile on his face and stated, “I just had the best customer experience!” He went on to explain that before landing, the flight attendant shook his hand, thanked him for flying with Delta, and presented him with a personalized handwritten note. Ed said he loved the extra touch and was impressed that the airline went above and beyond.

The following day, Ed received an email from the airline asking him to fill out a survey. Normally, he wouldn’t have taken the time, but as a result of the handwritten note he wanted to let them know about his wonderful experience.

Handwritten notes can also help boost employee morale. When thinking back to my 8-year tenure at a large company, I received several handwritten cards from an SVP-level executive congratulating me on work anniversaries. The cards were mailed to my house which made it extra special. The SVP could have easily mailed the cards to my work address or used interoffice-mail, but he took the time to hand write my home address on the envelope. Every year I received the cards, made me feel special and appreciated.

A handwritten note can help salespeople land new clients and help boost sales. People buy from other people because of the connection they have with them. People buy from people they like and trust. Think about how personal notes could either win a client or strengthen a relationship with an existing customer, simply by sending a thoughtful “Thank You”  card to express gratitude for their business or even a “Happy Work Anniversary” to recognize a milestone. A handwritten note is a powerful tool that sales and marketing can utilize to help build and strengthen business relationships.

Many large businesses may not be able to send out handwritten notes to all their customers when there are too many to draft. However, there’s another way to have a similar handwritten feel and send a customized message. Direct mail companies have varied handwritten fonts that look authentic. Each printed card or note can be personalized with the client’s name and any other customization using variable data. Even the envelopes can be printed with handwritten fonts giving it the feel of being hand addressed. Postage stamps can be used to complete the personal look.

Handwritten letters and cards increase the average open rate of direct mail from 4% to almost 100%. When was the last time you threw away a handwritten envelope without opening it? No matter how you decide to use personal notes and cards, it’s clear that a handwritten note makes a difference in the customer experience! If this is something you're interesting in sending to your customers, contact us today


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