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Monica Clabaugh 8/14/19 5:56 PM

Ed Kohler is Named The 2019 Rainbow Award Recipient


Ed Kohler is Named The 2019 Rainbow Award Recipient

RevisedIMG_4584 copyJason Varitek and Ed Kohler the 2019 recipient of the Rainbow Award.

Congratulations to our
Jet Mail, CEO Ed Kohler for receiving the 2019 Pitching In For Kids Rainbow Award!

“Ed was a much-deserved recipient of this award as he's been involved with Pitching in for Kids since our inception in 2004. Ed has continued to lead by example and go above and beyond with his efforts through Jet-Mail and personally these past 15 years. Whether it's Ed's involvement on our planning boards, sponsoring our events, donating auction items, running half marathons, introducing us to new supporters, printing needs, and so much more....Ed has stepped up, and been a champion for Pitching in for Kids. It's with Ed's support, kindness, generosity and friendship that we know he truly carries out Rainbow's message by making children happy.” said, Kevin Ward the Pitching In For Kids, Marketing and Event Director.

Kevin went on to say, “Ed is one of those rare individuals who always looks out for our mission and is always there helping us out in ALL of our endeavors....running in a marathon, tournaments, parties, marketing needs, auction items, needing someone to buy partnered products....the list can go on and on.”

When I asked Ed, “Why do you volunteer?” He replied, “I do it for the kids, It’s all for the kids!” Ed went on to tell me, Tim Wakefield introduced him to the Pitching In For Kids organization when they first started in 2004 and he’s been a volunteer ever since.

About The Rainbow Award

The Rainbow Award was created by the Pitching In For Kids organization in 2014 after they lost one of their long-time supporters and friends, Rainbow (Sayeed Abdul-Muntaqim). Rainbow was a guest at the annual golf tournament every year, and always brought a smile to everyone’s face when he was present in the room. Rainbow dedicated his life to making children happy by performing with the comedy basketball team, The Court Jesters. At this event, which was two weeks prior to Rainbow’s passing, he stood up at the end of the tournament and addressed the room of 200 people. He ultimately said good bye to all and asked everyone to keep his spirit alive by continuing his passion of "making children happy." After he passed, the organization dedicated this inaugural award to be presented each year at the golf tournament. It must be bestowed upon a person who is helping in the mission and goal, and giving the extra effort that isn't asked of them but take it upon themselves to perform in hopes of "making children happy."


Rainbow withJason Varitek  andTim Wakefield  from a 2013 event.

Pitching in for Kids, Inc.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing specifically earmarked grants designed to improve the lives of children across the New England region through sports-related fundraising events and programs.


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