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Direct Mail Personalization Strategies and Use Cases

Direct Mail Personalization Strategies and Use Cases

If you want to knock your next marketing campaign out of the ballpark and into the stratosphere, we have three words for you: direct mail personalization.

Consumers are incredibly savvy and expect businesses to communicate with them on a personal level. The good news? Consumers reward brands that provide a personalized experience:


The great news? It’s easy to boost your marketing ROI by personalizing direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Personalization Is Easier Than Ever

Today’s direct mail marketing taps into customer data from your CRM to create highly personalized messages and offers. That information is then paired with an advanced digital printing technology, known as variable data printing, which allows for the personalization of every printed piece in a single print run. In other words, you can print 100,000 mail pieces with content specific to each individual recipient without delaying the print or distribution process.

Names can be personalized, of course, but so can nearly every component of your mail piece including messages, offers, logos, images, URLs and QR codes.

Personalization tends to fall into these four categories:

  • Geographic: Add images of the region, neighborhood, community or street that the recipient lives on.
  • Demographic: Adjust images or messages based on the recipients’ age, ethnicity, gender, home type, income, occupation or education level.
  • Behavioral: Cross-sell or up-sell based on buying patterns, habits and preferences.
  • Psychographic: Tweak messages based on the recipients’ activities, interests and passions.

Imagine the possibilities for your next direct mail campaign!

Need inspiration? Here are some use cases of how Jet Mail customers leverage the power of personalization.

Examples of Direct Mail Personalization 

Service reminders: From air conditioning to carpet cleaning services, tailor offers to customers based on their last service date. Service reminders and offers can also be used by car dealerships. Send your customers timely maintenance offers that reference the make, model and mileage of their vehicles to drive business to the service department.

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Industry changes: With interest rates on the rise, this is a great time for businesses in the finance sector to reach out to customers who will be affected. For example, offer to set up meetings with customers with current auto or home loans to discuss what higher interest rates mean for them.

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Business announcements: Let customers know about new service offerings or products. For example, if your business now offers all-natural biodegradable products, send a mailer to announce this new offering with a special offer for their first month of cleaning.

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Upsell opportunities: Rip a page from Amazon’s book and send customers suggestions for new products based on past purchase behavior. The opportunities are almost endless:

  • Mail customers who recently purchased a home security system with an offer for a service and maintenance plan.
  • Send hotel guests who stay for one or two nights in a city property, a special offer for four nights at one of your resort properties.
  • Reach out to current owners of an entry-level SUV who might be interested in the new line of mid-level SUVs that your car dealership has in stock.
  • Invite bank customers with a small business account to trust you with their personal banking.

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Customer preferences: Hotel chains can personalize mailers with images from a customer’s favorite property – or even the view from the room they stayed in most recently. They can also send promotions for new or existing properties that offer similar amenities and experiences. Interior designers and home remodelers that track future client projects can send mailings that showcase recent, relevant projects (living room renovation, new master bath, etc.).

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Lifestyle: Retirees and young families have very different needs, and direct mail campaigns should reflect their pain points. Tailor messaging and offers such as:

  • A home security company’s direct mail message focuses on peace of mind, but from different angles. Retirees care about traveling and knowing their home is safe while away, and parents care about keeping their children safe.
  • Hotel chains can send direct mail campaigns for mid-week stays to retirees, and spring break and summer vacation packages to families.

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