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How Data Can Improve Home Service Print Marketing Campaigns

How Data Can Improve Home Service Print Marketing Campaigns

In the home services industry, it can be difficult to stand out in a crowded and competitive market.

That’s why it’s critical for home service marketers to understand how they can use customer data to help get their business seen in a saturated marketplace.

But how do you get there? It’s easier than you may think– and the best part? You likely already have the data.

We’ll walk you through best practices for maintaining good data, and the benefits of targeted lists and personalized materials to improve your marketing campaigns below.

The Importance of First-Party Data

First-party data is information that your company collects and owns.

It’s an excellent starting point for marketing to existing customers. Typically housed in your CRM, this data can include things, like their name, email address, demographic information, purchase history and more.

First-party data offers a wealth of information and should be used to create a more personalized experience with print.

If you have limited first-party data, there are options to supplement existing data including:

  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): EDDM utilizes USPS mailing route information so you can have access to large geographic swathes of potential customers. This is ideal for home services companies supplying a general product or service that virtually everyone needs at some point and works well to start building up your contact base.
  • Mailing Lists: For home service businesses that have a more niche audience, a quick and easy way to target new customers is through acquiring business, consumer and residential mailing lists. Mailing lists can be targeted for detailed geographic and demographic information, as well as industry criteria.

What data do you currently collect from existing customers?

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Data

It’s important to note that data is so much more than just names and addresses. The more information you collect about your customers, the more you understand their wants and needs. If you want to see your marketing ROI soar, it’s important to make sure you’re collecting as much data as possible, including:

  • Geographic Data: A customer’s physical location.
  • Demographic Data: A customer’s gender, age, ethnicity, income, occupation, education level and home type.
  • Behavioral Data: A customer’s buying patterns, habits and preferences.
  • Psychographic Data: A customer’s interests, lifestyles, activities and values.

But collecting data is only half of the equation. By using the data you’ve collected to inform what, when, and to whom you send marketing collateral to, you’re able to personalize your marketing efforts to speak directly to the individual customer. This is what will set your business apart from the crowd.

The Power of Personalization 

In order for your content to convert, though, it has to be valuable to your audience. Studies show customers respond better to personalized content. In fact, response rates for personalized pieces are 250% higher than non-personalized pieces. With personalization, you can ensure your customers are only presented with relevant content, which makes them feel like you understand them. In other words, personalization works because it’s, well, personal. Some stats that support this include:

  • Recognition: 56% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that recognizes them by name.
  • Personalization: 59% of consumers say that personalization influences their purchase decisions. Plus, 84% of consumers say it makes them more likely to open a direct mail piece.

And, Jet Mail’s state-of-the-art digital printing technology makes this possible and fast. With variable data printing and imaging, you can personalize every individual mail piece using a multitude of factors without disrupting or delaying the printing process. This includes:

  • Dynamic logos for co-branding with partner companies.
  • Favorite colors and images.
  • Names and addresses.
  • One-to-one taglines or offers.

Easily switch out images and messages by the recipient’s age, gender, location or any other data that you’ve collected. For instance, you could offer a 10% discount on exterior paint to residents in a housing division with homes that were built in the 1990s. As for homes built in 2017 and beyond, you could offer a window treatment upgrade since their exterior paint is still fresh.

Special offers can also be tailored based on where your customers are at in the sales cycle. For example, you could segment customers that got their carpets cleaned in the last one to two years, but haven’t booked another cleaning. Send this list a specific offer via direct mail for a discount and remind them of when their last service date was. As they walk from their mailbox back into their home, they’ll evaluate the status of their carpet with your business information literally in their hand to take the next step.

From there, you can track the progress of your print campaigns using customized QR codes and landing pages. Test out different offers and leverage the data for improved campaign performance.

How Jet Mail Improves Marketing ROI for Home Service Businesses 

Jet Mail specializes in helping our customers maximize their marketing ROI through personalization, speed to market and data-driven print. Our technology, infrastructure and decades of experience in data-driven print allow us to create customized solutions that meet the unique goals of your home service business.

Looking to expedite speed to market? Since all of our print, mail, fulfillment and distribution capabilities are under one roof (including our in-house USPS facility), we can get hyper-targeted materials into the hands of interested customers faster than the competition.

Want to increase conversions? We’ll guide you on how to best leverage customer data and personalize every touchpoint of the sales journey. We can also provide recommendations on campaign optimization techniques such as Informed Delivery, which adds a digital touchpoint to your direct mail campaigns.

Need a better way to manage marketing collateral? The Jet Mail Marketing Portal centralizes all of your collateral into an easy-to-use, web-based solution that’s accessible to your team 24/7– regardless of their location. The online storefront allows permitted users to browse, select, customize, and order marketing collateral on-demand, but also gives you control over who can access it, how much they can order, and what they can and can’t customize. This safeguards your brand and budget.

Whatever your goals or challenges are, we’re here to listen and create a custom solution for your home service business. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to boost your marketing ROI with Jet Mail.


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