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How Product Sample Campaigns Boost Conversions for Building Material Manufacturers

How Product Sample Campaigns Boost Conversions for Building Material Manufacturers

Consumers in every industry are bombarded with digital content on a daily basis. The average person encounters between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day.

Manufacturers, specifically in the building material industry, are realizing that they are uniquely positioned to rise above the digital noise and increase conversions by providing something tangible to potential customers: product samples.

Offering a product sample on your website or in an advertisement can drive up to 7x more conversions in comparison to CTAs that don’t offer a product sample.

Product samples also allow your business to collect marketing gold: customer data.

And these days, there’s no such thing as too much data. The more information you can collect about potential customers, the more you can tap into their needs and wants, and tailor the buying process to specifically address those.

But collecting good data can be difficult for marketers to capture given that consumers have become increasingly hesitant to share personal information. Product sample campaigns circumvent consumer’s aversion to sharing data because they are getting something tangible in return for their information.

And the exchange of data for product samples is more than a fair trade for building material manufacturers. The customer data collected from your sample program is full of actionable insights that allow marketers to personalize the customer journey and create the one-to-one connections that convert leads into customers.

Keep reading for our top tips on leveraging this valuable data to personalize the customer journey. But first, let’s talk about best practices for getting the product in the hands of interested customers and leaving them with a solid first impression of your brand.

Make a Lasting Impression

The product sample is likely the first hands-on engagement that potential customers will have with your brand and this first impression is critical, especially if you offer a high-value product like roofing or flooring materials.

To ensure a positive first impression, your product sample program requires three key elements: Speed, precise inventory management and presentation. Here’s why:

  • Response rates can fall by as much as 90% if a sample order isn’t received within a week of submitting the request.
  • Out-of-stock samples or incorrect samples frustrate potential customers and can make for a poor first impression, or worse, cause them to move on to a competitor.
  • Even if a sample is delivered quickly and accurately, merely throwing a sample in a box and slapping on a label is a missed opportunity to impress, educate and create a memorable connection with potential customers.

Make this critical first impression count by ensuring that your sample order program has the following:

  • A streamlined, efficient and fast process in place for sample order fulfillment.
  • Inventory management controls to guarantee that ready to ship samples are always in stock.
  • Professional assembly and packaging that showcases the top-tier product quality and customer service your brand is known for.

Let’s talk more about how to leverage data to set your brand apart from the competition in this critical first impression.

How Data Personalizes the Customer Journey

When promoting a product sample, you should request that potential customers provide information like the type of product they are interested in and the timeframe in which they are looking to purchase. Other information may include geographic and demographic details. This data allows you to tailor every interaction with the customer.

Starting with the product sample shipment, leverage data to personalize their experience with your brand by including:

  • A personalized letter or greeting card thanking them for their interest.
  • Introducing them to their local point of contact, contractor, distributor or representative.
  • Product literature specific to their interests, pain points and region.

After the prospective customer has received the product sample, continue to nurture and engage them with personalized communications. And don’t just limit communications to the digital realm, direct mail generates one of the highest response rates of all marketing channels and, just like the product sample, is a tangible touchpoint that doesn’t get lost in the deluge of digital messaging. Ideas for nurturing the prospective customer through direct mail include:

  • Personalized follow-up letters to see if they had any questions about the sample and a list of contractors, installers or dealers in their region.
  • Special offers or promotions tailored to the product they’re interested in, the timeframe in which they are looking to purchase and their geographic location.

A well-orchestrated sample order program is one of the most effective ways that building material manufacturers can boost conversions. But the supply chain requirements for quickly and accurately delivering well-packaged and personalized product samples can be a resource drain on marketing departments and warehouse teams.

This is where the marketing fulfillment experts at Jet Mail come into play.

Product Sample Solutions with Jet Mail

The brand awareness and conversion boosting benefits of a fast, accurate and polished sample order program are easy to communicate. However, the resources, time, technology and infrastructure required for a successful sample program may not be so easy to put in place. That is why manufacturers partner with the marketing fulfillment experts at Jet Mail to handle their sample order programs.

We create custom sample order fulfillment solutions by plugging a turnkey marketing fulfillment hub directly into your business and existing processes. Our in-house services and capabilities include:

  • High-speed digital and on-demand printing.
  • Commercial mail and on-site USPS facility.
  • Inventory management systems and reporting.
  • Full-service fulfillment center for assembly, packaging and distribution.
  • Same-day fulfillment from our 80,000 square foot secure on-site warehouse.

We know how important first impressions are for building material manufacturers and our team takes the time to ensure every sample order that we ship leaves a lasting impression. Get a sample of what a partnership with Jet Mail looks like by contacting a marketing fulfillment expert today.


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