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How to Manage B2B Marketing Collateral (Even in a Remote Work Environment)

How to Manage B2B Marketing Collateral (Even in a Remote Work Environment)

Did you know there is still one last Blockbuster Video store in operation today?

If you’re not familiar with the “Be Kind and Rewind” brand, Blockbuster Video owned the video rental market but quickly crumbled once streaming media gave movie lovers a faster and easier way to rent films. It was no longer necessary to drive to a Blockbuster store, search for a movie (that was often out of stock), drive home, watch the movie quickly so you didn’t get hit with late fees, rewind the VHS, and drive back to return the video.

The time and effort that went into renting a movie circa 1998 seems archaic compared to the on-demand standards of today where practically everything is accessible 24/7 from an online storefront.

Take marketing collateral, for example.

Distributing marketing collateral used to require a trip to the marketing storage room and sifting through unorganized boxes of brochures, flyers, and presentation folders. Additional time and effort were required to assemble, package and label the materials before dropping them off in the outgoing mail pile.

And this was just the distribution process…

More time and effort was required for inventory management, ensuring collateral was up to date, developing personalized assets for sales, and making sure the countless invoices for designing, printing, and shipping didn’t break the marketing budget.

Fortunately, managing marketing collateral–especially for marketing departments adapting to a remote work environment–is now faster and easier than ever thanks to marketing fulfillment technology.

Need to modernize how your business manages marketing collateral to get out of Blockbuster-mode?

Meet your new best friend: The Jet Mail Marketing Portal.

Custom-built for your business, the portal centralizes all of your marketing collateral into an easy-to-use, web-based solution that’s accessible to your team 24/7–regardless of their location. The online storefront allows users to browse, select, customize, and order marketing collateral on-demand, but also gives you control over who can access the portal, how much they can order, and what they can and can’t customize.

The best part? Behind the Jet Mail Marketing Portal is a state-of-the-art print shop, commercial mail house, full-service fulfillment center, and a team of marketing fulfillment gurus ready to work with you every step of the way.

Read on to learn how managing marketing collateral just got a whole lot faster and easier.

Simplify Collateral, Inventory and Budget Management

Giving sales reps, partners, and affiliates the ability to order customized marketing resources from an online portal is a game-changer:

  • Marketing materials get in the hands of interested customers faster.
  • Conversion rates soar when marketing collateral is personalized.
  • Marketing departments save time, money, and internal resources.

But you may have concerns about giving self-service access to your well-designed marketing collateral and carefully planned budget. Don’t worry–your inventory, budget, and brand are safe with the Jet Mail Marketing Portal.

When you worked in the office, it was already a difficult task to protect marketing collateral from inventory poachers like Kevin. Remember when he took, without telling anyone, three boxes of corporate presentation folders that your team spent hours assembling?

Now that you’re working remotely, it can be even more of a challenge to manage inventory and keep your budget on track. How can you prevent Kevin from ordering 10,000 brochures and breaking your budget?

The Jet Mail Marketing Portal safeguards your budget and inventory by enabling you to set parameters around order quantities, approvals, and budgets upfront, so users like Kevin can easily order the materials they need with minimal oversight from marketing. Simply adjust Kevin’s user permissions so he can only order 500 brochures each month. The portal has sophisticated management tools that provide real-time inventory data, low stock level alerts, and detailed reporting, so you always know what’s in stock, what’s being spent, and who is ordering what.

But wait, there’s more! Remember the hours it took your team to assemble those corporate presentation folders? Five product flyers in the left pocket and the corporate brochure in the right pocket.

Let Jet Mail handle the assembling and kitting of your collateral so your team can focus on being the marketing gurus they were destined to be. We can pre-print and pre-assemble all the pieces of your corporate presentation folder and store them on the shelves of our 80,000 square foot warehouse, so they’re ready for same-day shipment once we receive the order from the portal.

Ensure All Marketing Collateral Adheres to Brand Guidelines

Remember how Karen always stopped by the marketing department asking you to switch out images and messaging on a product flyer the day before a big meeting with a prospect? Oh, and can you put the prospect’s logo on the flyer, too?

It was frustrating, but doable when you worked in the same office. Now that Karen is working remotely, the requests for customization are even harder to orchestrate–especially those last-minute requests. Worse, she’s now making her own flyers with an old logo from 2002 and using outdated product information. Your carefully crafted brand guidelines and key messaging mean nothing to the Karen’s of the world.

The Jet Mail Marketing Portal allows Karen to create and distribute the personalized marketing materials she needs to sell while also giving you peace of mind knowing that brand guidelines are always adhered to. The Jet Mail team will help you create brand-compliant, up-to-date templates that users can personalize with logos, names, text, images, and colors thanks to our variable data printing and imaging technology. You control what, where, and how things can be customized to ensure your brand is always represented properly.

Hot Off the Press: Deliver Marketing Materials Faster

Brand management and personalization are a must, but speed to market is even more critical. Jet Mail’s in-house print, mail, and fulfillment capabilities expedite the time it takes to get personalized and targeted materials in the hands of interested prospects by:

  • Sending marketing assets directly to target audiences.
  • Reducing the number of vendors in the supply chain.
  • Having brand-compliant, ready-to-ship materials on the shelf.

And since the Jet Mail Marketing Portal is accessible 24/7, even those last-minute requests from Karen are hassle-free thanks to our on-demand printing technology and same-day order fulfillment capabilities. Karen’s personalized marketing materials can be printed and packaged with pre-assembled collateral from our warehouse and shipped straight to prospects or customers.

Streamline Marketing Collateral Management with Jet Mail

Managing marketing collateral was challenging before the pandemic, and the remote work environment has caused additional challenges for marketers. Fortunately, the Jet Mail Marketing Portal and the team of marketing fulfillment experts behind the portal are here to help you streamline the creation, management and distribution of your marketing collateral. Contact our experts today and let us create a customized solution for all your marketing collateral needs.



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