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Marketing Material Updates: Staying Ahead of Sudden Changes in 2022

Marketing Material Updates: Staying Ahead of Sudden Changes in 2022

In a perfect marketing world, favorable market conditions would last forever and any change to the status quo would come with advance notice, so marketing teams had plenty of time to plan and execute.

The reality is that many marketers operate in dynamic or volatile business environments, and change is not a matter of if, but when. From supply chain issues to pandemic-related challenges, 2021 proved the importance of preparing for sudden market shifts and anticipating change in 2022.

Importance of Up-to-Date Marketing Materials

Up-to-date marketing materials show that a company cares about its customers. After all, a brochure or direct mail piece is often responsible for making the crucial first impression of your brand to potential customers. It’s critical that marketing materials clearly and consistently communicate the following:

  • Your brand identity and who you are.
  • The product(s) or service(s) you offer, along with key details.
  • Business information, including addresses, phone numbers and quick links to your website.
  • Messaging that reflects the value your business can provide today, not six months ago.

Receiving information with mixed pricing, out-of-date product descriptions or inconsistent branding is frustrating and can be indicative of a business that isn’t trustworthy. Worse, incorrect information could cause your sales team to get caught up in preventable discrepancies or require reputation management.

But managing an entire library of marketing materials and ensuring each asset is up to date can be a job in and of itself. Adapting assets to reflect constant changes from dynamic and volatile business environments requires even more bandwidth and resources.

Fortunately, you’ve found the right resource.

At Jet Mail, we’ve got a better way to deal with the challenges of sudden change–and it doesn’t require additional bandwidth or budget. Keep reading to learn our top tips for mitigating the challenge of change in 2022.

Consolidate and Centralize Your Marketing Assets

The first step to preparing for change? You’ll need to have complete control and oversight of your marketing assets.

This can sound like a daunting task, but one of the easiest and most efficient ways to manage your marketing asset library is to consolidate all assets into a marketing portal.

A marketing portal centralizes all of your marketing assets in an easy-to-use, web-based platform. Available 24/7, the marketing portal gives users self-service access to order and distribute the marketing materials they need while giving marketing teams enterprise-level control over what assets are available, who can access the portal and an extensive list of other features.

Since all marketing assets are housed in a centralized, web-based location, marketing teams can quickly upload up-to-date marketing materials for users (such as sales reps or distributors) to order, including:

  • Pre-printed or pre-bundled packs of brochures, flyers and presentation kits.
  • Promo items, product samples and trade show displays.

The portal also allows users to customize materials through the use of pre-designed, pre-approved templates. This allows territory reps or regional locations to personalize marketing materials (with approval from portal admins) to speak to the pain points of their target audience with tailored materials such as:

  • Print-on-demand brochures, flyers and presentations.
  • Letters to prospective clients.

Learn more about the benefits of a marketing portal when it comes to staying ahead of sudden changes in these resources:

Additionally, you’ll want to consider consolidating more than just your marketing materials to stay ahead of sudden change.


If you’re using a chain of independent vendors for design, printing, storage, packaging, mailing and distribution, each vendor creates a potential weak link in your marketing supply chain that can cause delays. Additionally, coordinating updates with multiple vendors is a manual process that takes time away from marketing and causes delays.

By working with an all-in-one marketing fulfillment partner, you’ll avoid potential weak links in your supply chain and drastically expedite speed to market.

This leads us to our next tip: plan to move fast when change occurs.

Prepare to Move Fast: The Need for Speed

Quickly reacting to changing market conditions, consumer behavior and other unforeseen events can set your business apart and propel sales numbers skyward.

With your entire marketing asset library consolidated and centralized into a marketing portal, making updates is easy. But simply having up-to-date marketing materials won’t quite cut it in 2022–especially if you’re looking to seize windows of opportunity that arise from sudden changes.

The need for speed can’t be emphasized enough. Fast production and distribution times are critical when it comes to keeping your brand top-of-mind and staying ahead of the competition. Hence, why it’s important to consolidate vendors and work with an all-in-one marketing fulfillment partner that specializes in speed to market.

Jet Mail’s in-house end-to-end marketing fulfillment capabilities include a state-of-the-art print shop, commercial mail house and full-service fulfillment center–all under one roof. This drastically expedites speed to market by:

  • Reducing the number of vendors in the supply chain.
  • Sending marketing assets directly to target audiences.
  • Having brand-compliant, ready-to-ship materials on the shelf of our 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse.
  • Processing orders for same-day fulfillment.

With marketing materials housed in a centralized location, a rock-solid supply chain in place and the ability to move quickly, you’re ready for the key ingredient that Jet Mail customers rely on to stay ahead of sudden changes.

Welcome Change with a Modern Print Production Model

Agility is a must in order to prepare for sudden changes and seize windows of opportunity that arise. This is why Jet Mail created a hybrid print management solution that capitalizes on the speed of on-demand printing and the flexibility of a just-in-time printing model.

To illustrate this, let’s use a new product launch as an example. Information on the new product needs to be added to existing marketing assets, including corporate brochures and sales sheets.

But what if you just printed 50,000 corporate brochures last quarter? All of those brochures are now obsolete and will need to be reprinted.

What about unforeseen scenarios that require immediate updates to marketing materials, such as:

  • Pricing spikes or dips due to supply chain issues.
  • Regulatory or policy changes.
  • Changes in consumer behavior, requiring a shift in messaging or positioning.
  • Opportunities that come from unforeseen business, weather or political events.

Whether the changes are large or small, they can cause substantial delays and missed opportunities if marketing assets need to be updated. Additionally, the cost of removing obsolete collateral and reprinting can force delays due to budget limitations.

To solve for this, Jet Mail’s print management model ensures that just the right amount of ready-to-ship marketing materials are always in stock and ready for same-day processing.

But what does just the right amount actually mean?

Based on the unique needs of your business, Jet Mail will print a small amount of each asset (just enough to ensure items are always in stock) and monitor usage reports and historical data to ensure you never run out of inventory, but also ensure that you don’t print too much. When the stock runs low, our automated shelf top-off technology will notify you that it’s time to reprint.

Should change occur, just send us an updated file (or we can update the file for you) and we’ll either wait until the current stock of brochures are depleted, or we can pull them from the shelf and immediately replace them with the updated brochure.

For example, Jet Mail will print and store 200 corporate brochures on the shelf of our 80,000 sq. ft. on-site warehouse. When orders come in from the portal, we’ll process the order for same-day fulfillment. When inventory of the corporate brochures reaches 20 items or less, for example, you’ll receive an email requesting your approval to reprint and replenish inventory levels back up to 200.

This means changes can be made easily, quickly and without having to worry about 50,000 outdated brochures going to waste.

Stay Ahead of the Sudden Business Changes with Jet Mail

To help businesses mitigate the challenge of change, Jet Mail puts your marketing department in control of all marketing materials, and allows for the most streamlined updates and rapid distribution. From our on-site USPS facility to our just-in-time print production model, our infrastructure and technology are designed for speed. To further streamline and expedite communications, all of our mail, print and fulfillment services are available independently or through the Jet Mail Marketing Portal.

We want to make sure your business succeeds in 2022 by offering marketing solutions that keep your business ahead of the curve in dynamic business environments. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a custom solution for your business.


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