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The 2022 Holiday Marketing Guide for Greeting Cards and Customer Gifts

The 2022 Holiday Marketing Guide for Greeting Cards and Customer Gifts

The holiday season is upon us!

Now is the time to start planning your holiday direct mail campaigns and customer gifts.

To ensure your campaigns and gifts are a ho ho ho homerun, here are our top tips for holiday marketing, including:

Holiday Cards: Stand Out With a Personalized Touch

Dear Valued Customer,

Let’s just stop right here for a moment. An impersonal and generic holiday greeting will make customers feel anything but valued.

Instead, show customers that you genuinely care about them and value their business with personalizing holiday cards (and remember that personalization goes far beyond just a customer’s name).

But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you grab a pen and handwrite 10,000 holiday cards. There’s a much easier way!

Simply craft specific messages for each customer segment and let variable data printing technology take over from there.

Using data from your CRM, variable data printing allows businesses to personalize holiday cards with names, images, colors, messages and more in a single print run. In other words, you can print 10,000 personalized holiday cards in the same time as it would take to print 10,000 generic cards.

Nearly everything can be personalized, based on different demographics or customer segments, such as:

  • Buying trends and purchase history.
  • Geographical location.
  • Interests and preferences.

Not only will customers feel valued and appreciated, but the power of personalization will benefit your business, too:

Holiday Gifts: Guide to Mailing Customer Gifts

Branded promotional products are one of the best marketing strategies for driving brand awareness and sales. They can also make the perfect holiday gift for customers when thoughtfully planned.

Using promotional products as holiday gifts is not the same as handing out free swag at a trade show. Doing so could make customers feel like they’re getting a generic gift that everybody else receives. Since a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work here, be sure to read our guide to promotional products to ensure gifts are well-received and you get the most bang for your marketing buck.

Basically, if you know the customer’s personal interests, be sure to select promotional products that they’re sure to use. In fact, ROI increases by as much as 40% when a customer feels that a gift from a business is memorable.

If you don’t have this kind of information, you can add a personal touch to useful and mail-friendly gifts. For example, wall calendars are the perfect, practical gift that keeps on giving year-round. They’re affordable, easy to mail and establish a physical brand presence to keep your business top of mind.

Variable data printing makes these gifts easy to personalize with a “Happy Birthday, Tom!” image on their birthday month or co-brand the calendar with their logo.

Holiday Marketing Checklist 

  • Ship by the end of November. To stay ahead of the shipping surge in December, you’ll need to plan your campaigns now and be ready to ship by the end of November.
  • Add QR codes to print marketing campaigns. Running a print marketing campaign this holiday season? Don’t forget to add QR codes to track performance.
  • Personalize holiday cards for your employees. With variable data printing, each employee can receive personalized holiday greetings that lets them know their talent and hard work are appreciated.
  • Use the holidays to run re-engagement campaigns. Use personalization to re-engage customers who have gone dark with a “We miss you, Sarah! Here’s a special holiday offer for your favorite product!” type of message.
  • Start planning for 2023. December is the perfect time to review if your marketing collateral needs to be updated with new pricing or messaging.
  • Make sure the packaging is professional and eye-catching. A marketing fulfillment partner can be extremely helpful since they’ll handle everything from producing promotional products, storage, inventory management, kitting, packaging and shipping.

Holiday Marketing Made Easy With Jet Mail 

Since 1993, Jet Mail has partnered with businesses across the country to create, print, manage and distribute high-performance marketing campaigns. With all-in-one marketing fulfillment services under one roof including a commercial mail-house, state-of-the-art print shop, 80,000 square foot fulfillment center, kitting and assembly services, on-site USPS facility and a global distribution network, you can rely on the Jet Mail team to deliver during the busy holiday season.

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