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Direct Mail Marketing Envelope Design: Best Practices and Top Tips

Direct Mail Marketing Envelope Design: Best Practices and Top Tips

In direct mail marketing, the envelope serves as the face of the business and has a direct impact on whether or not the recipient opens the mail piece.

To ensure your next direct mail campaign delivers the performance and ROI you’re looking for, here are our top tips for envelope design and why marketers should:

Make the Envelope Stand Out With a Colorful Design

Adding color and an interesting design to the envelope goes beyond just adding aesthetic value to the mailer. People are naturally drawn to color and, when used appropriately, it can boost the mailer's visibility in the mailbox and grab the reader's attention.

Solid colors work best, but more important than the color itself is what the color represents. Does it fit the product or service you're selling? Does it provoke emotion and cause the recipient to open the mail?

A good example of this is the red envelopes used by Audi to invite people to their biggest sales events. Red is energizing and invokes joy, which is exactly what you want your target audience to feel.  

Likewise, the color blue represents trust and the color black represents power.

What exact emotion are you trying to invoke in your recipient? Use an envelope that corresponds with that feeling to provoke them to open your mail. 

Include Windows on the Envelope

A window displays just a peek of what is inside the mailer; part of an image or just the first few words of a message, for example. Curiosity tends to get the best of people, and the natural response is to open the envelope.

This is the same psychology used in email. Hint at something the recipient must have or know, and they open the email. This hinting creates a curiosity gap, also known as a feeling of deprivation that is unacceptable to the brain. The human need is to then find that missing information and satisfy their curiosity. 

Find the Envelope Size With the Highest ROI

The standard #10 (4.125" x 9.5") envelopes are the tried-and-true go-to envelopes of direct mail marketing. They've been proven to work well over and over again. But is that the only envelope that works?

Larger envelopes tend to get opened more. Oversized envelopes have an open rate of 6.6%, compared to the 4.3% open rate of standard envelopes. The key to using a larger size envelope is to use one that is 6.125" x 11.5" or larger. These stand out the most.

Since a larger envelope comes with a higher postage rate, you’ll need to evaluate the purpose, goal and size of your direct mail campaign to determine if upgrading to a larger size is worth the extra cost.

Not sure if the ROI on a larger envelope will be higher than that of a standard envelope, take advantage of USPS discounts and promotions that provide a price break on postage for larger mailers. 

Add a Personalized Touch to the Envelope 

Personalized marketing makes the client feel appreciated and valued, rather than just another number on your company’s list. It also establishes a one-on-one relationship with the recipient to foster brand loyalty, trust and successful campaign engagement.

Personalizing direct mail is easy thanks to a modern digital printing technology called variable data printing. Variable data printing uses customer data from your CRM to create highly personalized mailers. Nearly every component of your envelope can be personalized based on the needs of individual recipients, including names, messages, offers, logos, images, URLs and QR codes.

Here are some examples of how businesses use variable data printing to personalize envelopes:

Find an Experience Direct Mail Partner

The design of an envelope can directly impact the performance of your direct mail campaign–and so does your direct mail partner. The right direct mail partner will ensure high-quality direct mail campaigns that are delivered on time. They can also create custom solutions and guide you on strategies that reduce costs and boost conversion rates.

Look for a direct mail partner that has the following:

  • Seamless acceptance allows for a streamlined mail process. Mail is verified electronically, so the process is consistent and predictable.
  • SOC 2 compliance is an auditing process that ensures providers securely handle data.
  • USPS wholesaler means they have access to bulk mailing products offered by the USPS, as well as valuable products and programs that are available only to wholesalers.

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