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What You Need to Know About Modern Business Printing

What You Need to Know About Modern Business Printing

Even though print is still referred to as a “traditional marketing channel,” modern business printing has gone digital and is anything but traditional.

State-of-the-art technology and data-driven insights enable print campaigns to hyper-target audiences in ways that digital marketing channels simply can’t. So much so that modern digital printing holds the #2 position as the most effective channel for reaching target audiences, with in-person events rank higher. 

This is because print is a direct-to-consumer channel that provides a tangible and personalized branding value that can’t be matched on a 5” smartphone screen.

When target markets are saturated with online ads and email blitzes, print cuts through the clutter to get your message delivered. In fact, nearly 90% of personalized print campaigns sent through direct mail are opened.

While digital channels like social media and email marketing play an important role in any integrated marketing strategy, print remains a time-proven channel that it consistently delivers. 

Read on to learn how to utilize the power of print for your business.

Use Cases for Print in Integrated Marketing Strategies 

Integrated marketing is not an “either/or” choice of available marketing channels. It’s an ecosystem where all channels amplify one another to:

  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Bring targeted prospects into the sales cycle.
  • Convert prospects into long-term loyal customers.

Too many marketing plans rely solely on social media and/or email marketing. This digital-only approach has become the modern equivalent of a “spray and pray” telemarketing cold call.

70% of consumers believe printed materials received through direct mail are more personal than intrusive online interactions.

Adding a print component to an integrated marketing campaign will open a broad avenue for achieving maximum response and conversion rates. Examples of successful integrated marketing campaigns with a print component include:

  • Adding special offers to printed materials that direct prospects to claim the offer online. This ensures the printed piece is retained and your message doesn’t get lost in an inbox stuffed with unopened email offers. Example: A code for free wifi or an invite to an exclusive event.
  • Supplementing social media campaigns with links to request free samples or literature. This moves prospects down the sales funnel faster and keeps a tangible piece of your brand in front of them. Be sure to fulfill sample or literature requests immediately to stay top of mind.  Example: When running a PPC campaign, use CTAs for sample kit or info kit requests instead of “Contact Us”.
  • Triggering information kits to send immediately to when customers engage with email offers. Example: When a current customer clicks on an email about a new service or product, trigger a personalized mailer to send to them with additional information specific to their needs and purchase history.

Technology and Modern Printing

In the bygone age of offset printing, the astronomical cost of producing unique stencils or plates was so prohibitive that businesses were restricted to bulk static printing (printing 100,000 copies of the exact same flyer). Customization or personalization was not an option.  

The advent of digital printing with inkjet technology changed all that.

Technologies like variable data printing (VDP) and variable data imaging (VDI) allow the printing of individual pieces with personalized images and messaging unique to each recipient's demographics, actions, or interests. In other words, every printed piece can have a different message.

Jet Mail has evolved modern digital printing even further by leveraging not just technology, but data to create an end-to-end printing solution that blends the concept of on-demand printing with a just-in-time printing model.

This proprietary printing model gives businesses the agility to immediately modify, scale-up, or scale down print campaigns, without the need to deal with separate vendors for mailing, fulfillment, or distribution for a complete range of print formats and services including:

  • Point of Sales and marketing materials
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Branded business cards
  • Presentation folders and posters
  • Large format printing
  • Wide-format printing
  • Trade show signage printing
  • Binding and finishing
  • Hybrid personalized printing over static shells
  • Short-run on-demand printing

Data and Modern Printing

At Jet Mail, we’re not just experts in print; we’re experts in data-driven solutions that convert. We know that high-quality and personalized print campaigns are incredibly effective, but they only work when the right message is seen by the right person at the right time.

This is where quality data comes into play.

Refined and targeted data curated by Jet Mail’s expert IT team can achieve response rates as high as 30% on data-driven print campaigns sent through direct mailings of just 2,500 pieces.

We have decades of experience in preparing data to best match the goals of print campaigns. From managing complex data processing, cleansing, and transferring in accordance with HIPAA regulations, Jet Mail provides an all-in-one solution that allows you to confidently consolidate your marketing supply chain under one roof.

The Jet Mail Difference in Integrated Marketing Solutions

Businesses across North America rely on Jet Mail as their single point of contact for end-to-end marketing services because we eliminate the disruptions that come from dealing with multiple vendors and provide complete integrated marketing solutions including:

  • Receiving and processing your incoming orders.
  • Printing and assembling the marketing and sales materials.
  • Storing and managing your marketing inventory with cost-effective JIT printed materials on the shelf and ready for immediate fulfillment.
  • Kitting and packing your materials as required.
  • Shipping orders promptly from our in-house USPS post office and/or international shipping.

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